Why Paleo

So, why Paleo?That is a good question, my friend! A long time ago, way before we started cultivating grains/legumes, people lived off of a diet mostly of meats, vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts. I mean, if you think about it, you would only be able to eat vegetables that you found off of the tree/bushes/ground or animals that you trapped/fished for. That was ALL you were able to eat.

I want you to do me a favor and grab a box/can out of your pantry and tell me how much of that you could go outside right now and find in your garden, fields, woods, lake, or river. Not a whole lot, right?

So, why do we now stuff our faces with processed stuff that our body is not built to handle? Because it’s easy, it tastes good and it is full of things that make us crave those types of food. It is also unhealthy! Our body requires nutrients to survive but if we keep stuffing it with artificial crap, then how is that doing ourselves any favors? It’s not.

Paleo gives you the opportunity to let your body live off of food the way it was intended to. No fake stuff is added, it’s all stuff that you could easily grow in your own garden at home, and you can still make a ton of amazing recipes! Okay so it does sort of suck at first and it can get frustrating when you go out with non Paleo people but you are doing yourself a huge favor this way.

“Isn’t that clean eating?” It is. However, clean eating allows some foods into the diet that Paleo does not. For example: legumes/grains. It’s a very lengthy argument as to why they are not allowed so I am just going to link you to a few articles. You can read about them and then decide for yourself!

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Now, the one thing that many people do is eat 80%/85%/90% Paleo and the remaining % is their cheat meal. Do I eat oatmeal? Sometimes. Do I eat peanut butter? Sometimes. Do I eat cookies/cake/chips/pizza/etc.? Sometimes! You do not have to give all of this up cold turkey. If you change the majority of your diet, that is fine. I still will go out on a Friday night and drink a few beers with my friends. I definitely have a slice of pizza on a Saturday if I want to!

That is what works for me though. You must find what works for you, so if 80% is the number that you can live with and still feel good about, then eat Paleo 80% of the time. After awhile you won’t even have to think about it, and you will find yourself choosing the healthier option. Just give it a shot though. Below are some more links as to why you should eat Paleo.

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