Welcome to the rabbitHOLE, where sketchi's petz roam free.


Hexed by Twin, December 27th 2005

I miss Twin! ): ): ): This is the first thing she hexed when she came back briefly in '05, and I had to ask her to trade! The asymmetrical ears and wonderful splattering of spots really stand out. Texture use, of course, always a pleasure to see. There's certainly something nearly... professional about this pup!


Hexed by Mel@Just Taboo, November 11th 2003

MPA of Henna83, who was leaving the PC due to a hectic life. She trots, which I found out after adopting her. Albany has a custom butterfly tattoo made by Mel, on her other hip! I couldn't tell it was a butterfly until Henna told me, haha. Gotta love oldschool hexings. I adore Albany's color combo and her slightly altered bodyshape.

Hexed by Krista@Mithryll, September 24th 2000

An MPA from Twin. She's gorgeous, isn't she? Something about red coats and scruffyness that I really like. Her eyecolors complement her coat perfectly, too. I'm really happy with her, and so glad I have her now! Amaris is a very sweet dog, and tries to get along with everyone. She's easily bullied though, haha.


"SpoCo/sketchi's druggy fiend"
Hexed by Jules@SpoCo, December 21st 2006

Wow, check out those wild crazy colors! Jules sure knows how to work that palette. I love the design on this dog. And, of course, his surprise neon pawpads are like SURPRISE!!!1 Also, he loves catnip. He's pretty much constantly high. Hehehe. I love his name too, nice work Jules!

Hexed by Lox@AK, January 10th 2010

Aw, a 'natural' hex! This guy is all kinds of adorable. I also love his name, as apples are my favorite fruit! The best fruit, really. Based on border collies, this is one of my favorite lox hexies. I'm very glad to own him! The details have been particularly wonderful; mouth speckles, ear speckles, pretty plush areas... Beautiful dog for sure! And the eyecolors are perfect: green and brown, wonderfully natural.


"Devilish's Quicksilver Queen"
Hexed by Kitty@Devilish, June 27th 2005

A custom hex from Kitty! I paid about 1.5 mil NP, but I think I got the better end of the bargain. ;D Argent is my most favorite sheepie ever. I don't normally like sheepies, but Argent is just so... fine. Mmhmm. She's not 'fat' or anything, and she trots, and she's got a pink tongue, and she's like a Polar Wolf or something!! Plus that eyecolor looks really nice on her.

Hexed by Lox@AK, April 5th 2010

I drew a picture, and Loxie made it come to life. She had a hexing service on PCG, and I stalked until I finally got a chance! She only had two spots open at a time, so I drew up a picture and got my app all ready haha. Was very pleased with the outcome! n__n



"SpoCo/sketchi's burn it down"
Hexed by Jules, August 3rd 2008

He's gorgeous, I know. Apparenly when Jules adopted him, she gender-changed him to a girl. But when he came into my game, he came in as a guy! So he was really insistent on being a guy, haha! He's got the best eyecolor combination ever, even Jules freely admits this. He uses no textures whatsoever because Jules is too cool for that. Jules prefers paintballz because she's a genius. He really is a unique little fireball, he even corrupted and burnt down my game once! Fittingly enough.

Hexed by Manda, May 5th 2010

My second horse from Manda (first was Lilith), and of course he must be another unicorn. Lilith was getting lonely, after all, being the only mythical unibeast in my game! Asmodeus is pure sex in linez & ballz format. It's just, amazing. I've always wanted a horse from this exact file (for the longest time, Manda had a pretty little thing trotting in her sig!), and now I get ASMODEUSSSS, the hellfire of furious perfection as the petz world has never seen.


Hexed by Kimberly, December 26th 2009

Got him on Jan 3rd, 2010--via winterswap, organized by Lox! She couldn't have picked a more suitable swap pet for me. Kimberly's hexies are always very meticulous and detail-oriented, you just KNOW she spent ages making everything perfect. This giant puppy with the icicle spots is just too cool.


"SpoCo/sketchi's white sheep not"
Hexed by Jules@SpoCo, June 24th 2005

Traded for a custom Croco dane. This guy... is like a fluffy sheep. With a shocking blue tongue. And pawpads. Ahahaha. He certainly looks all innocent... but then he opens his mouth and BLAH EVIL BLUE TONGUE OF BAD BREATH-NESS!!<3 Jules, I repeat, is crazy. And I can't get enough of it. Also, Baba's basal filesize is 66.6. Haha, white sheep not.


Hexed by Sirius@GreenBrook, November 11th 2005

A gift! <3Si. He's one of her Lodemai danes, and she decided to evil me one since she knew I liked fuzzy things! She gave him to me on November 28th, which was almost predicting me and Hank's anniversary (November 27th)! He totally thinks he's a cat, he's actually super graceful for a dane. I really, really enjoy the way he shows off his textures.

Hexed by Hank, October 9th 2007

Ah, his 3rd hexie. Not one of my favs, personally, but definitely worthy of a mention. 'Badoc' originally was going to be called 'Baddog', since Hank is sooo creative with names *eyeroll*. In any case, I love how the horns move around, the dog can look like he's charging sometimes! And the red angry eyebrows, ah, hahaha.


Hexed by Hank, October 13th 2007

Haha, I didn't realize it until I put him up here on this site, that this guy was hexed on the one year anniversary of Hank's first hexie! Itchy was Hank's first, hexed October, friday the 13th 2006. Balldoc is Hank's 7th hexie. I love the spindly feet and dotty eyes, hehe! Huge nose is a plus too. It's a joy playing with this wackjob.


Hexed by Chelsie@Bowl, July 3rd 2008

MPA from Loxie! Awrr I've always wanted a hyena of my own! Chelsie's love for hyenas ensures that these guys look amazingly cute and awesome. I love her bold style, she isn't afraid of making mistakes and her hexies just look so fun! Barley's a ton of fun, watching him tumble around the screen all gruff and awkward-like.


Hexed by Sirius@GreenBrook, July 9th 2001

A classic hexie! Sirius hexed him for herself way back when, so there wasn't a litter or anything. He's a beautiful unique boy, and she decided to let me have him! I'm honoured. He's faultless, spotless, delicious.


Hexed by Michy@Pogo, October 25th 2007

She's just so... spastic! Her tail moves wonky, drags around, crazy waving. I loveeee it! She's the original from the file, the very first and all. Originally named 'dfghf', I'm STILL trying to think of the perfect name for her. Belleu for now, but something's not right... hmmmm


Hexed by Hank, October 17th 2007

His 6th hexie, hehehe. One of my favorites, reminds me of a moose, or rather, Walret of Oddballz. Walret was my favorite oddballz ever. Hank's never played oddballz, at least not to my knowledge, but he's captured Walret's essence perfectly. I love Hank's not-afraid-to-screw-up mentality when it comes to hexing! Such screwballs come from his mind, I wish he'd just enjoy hexing more, so he can make more!


Hexed by Tiffany@Sprocket, April 21st 2006

Traded with Tiff! Ha, it's a trotting poox! Bobo is seriously an amazing poodle. I rather dislike poodles for all their vanity and snootiness, but Bobo is so fat and fluffy, how could he ever be snooty! I love his base, he nearly looks like a cat!




Hexed by Jules@SpoCo, December 1st 2007

Her "Paisley Danes". These inspired me to create my own danes from paisley patterns. I really admire how she captured the fabric-work in these little perfect spots. Boo really is something else! She trots like a queen, and her colors are just soWONDERFUL. I really enjoy just watching her run around. She's very photogenic, too. As you can no doubt see!!
Hexed by Anja, March 26th 2006

BOOOOGIE!!!! My email failed when I applied for him the first time 'round, so Anja had sent him off to live with someone else. She had another, similar litter up, and I got Cover from that litter. However, I couldn't forget Boogie. Then, in November '09, Jena was having an MPA and there was BOOOGIEEE!!! Unfortunately I was too late, and Kiwi-Strawberry had him by then. However!!! She was then kind enough to trade me, and so away went Cover and I had my Boogieeee~! He was my original love, and I'm keeping him around forever.

Hexed by Bobb, November 22nd 2003

Isn't he cute? I love Bobb's patchy hexing, and the down ears are done rather well. The color combination is something natural and agreeable to the eyes, which makes me very pleased. My only Bobb hexie? I want more! )': Come back Bobbbbbb! Bowflip has an amazing personality. He's gentle and crazy all at once!


Hexed by Sam@Neglected, October 16th 2005

I really don't know his real birthday, as it's all messed up and such. It says January 17th 2007, but that can't be right since I got him on October 16th! He was an AAC find, so pretty and bright. Somehow I keep managing to accrue man-petz with pink eyes, ha! I like his fluffy drop-tail; it suits him.


Hexed by Seph, April 30th 2009

I'm not sure his birthday is right since I got him on the 21st of May! Could be right though, idk. Seph allowed me to edit his petfile in any way I wished, so I gave him a bit of a nose shiny. I really like his textures, and I must say this is one of the cuter mini-sheepie mods I've seen! His colors go well together. Blue white cream, mmm.



Hexed by Star@Starswept

MPA from Jamie. Jamie originally won her in a contest! She's absolutely stunning. I love her faded pawpads, her textures... I imagine, if Star came back and hexed more things, I'd be 5x more behind on this crewpage! Haha, I really admire Star's hexing style. It's really rich and lucious. Butterfly is such a graceful-looking yet clumsy pet! She reminds me of a grand piano (minus the clumsy part, unless I'm practising on it, haha). A Steinway. Something grand, and majestic...

"Venom/sketchi's flyby memory lane"

Hexed by Dylan@Venom, June 17th 2006

This dog you see here. Is. Pure win. End of story.


Hexed by Kitty@Devilish, January 2nd 2006

A gift! For no reason at all! I love my Kitty, she's too good to me. Calliope's spots are wonderfully overlapped, and I can't get over how weird and wonderful this color combination goes together. The textures here are so pleasant. Kitty even fluffed the tail since she knew I liked things fuzzy!<3

Hexed by Twin, January 7th 2006

She's... narcoleptic. Honestly. I can watch her energy bar go from a full 100 to 0 instantly, no transition whatsoever. I've never had a pet like this before! It befuddles me. Rather difficult to have a photo-shoot session with her! She's adorable though. She's one of the original Teddy Danes by Twin, made especially for me as a gift. Twin owns the only other brown one! I originally wanted to change Calypso to be white, but later decided against it. Brown is just so cuddly. And sleepy.

Hexed by Jamie, January 25th 2006

She gave this to me because she said it was inspired from my hexings! Aw, I inspired someone! n_n I recieved him on Chinese New Year's, which was a pleasant surprise. Loving the textures on him. His baby blue eyes go like cheese with mac along his creamy body. Rawr!



"SpoCo/sketchi's mystery misery"
Hexed by Jules, July 2nd 2004

Oh wow, Hannah's MPA! I love this dog so much, so much. After browsing through Hannah's crewpage I'd fallen for this peculiar pink mohawk dane, and then Hannah held an MPA--BEHOLD CARMELLA! She's pink. she's black. she's emotionally disturbed (hence the showname; who knows why she's miserable). BOW DOWN TO JULES'S HEXING PROWESS!!! >33

Hexed by Jules, December 30th 2006

Trading with Jules! She gave me this girl in November '09, and it's been amazing. Chad's left eye (the green one in this pic!) changes colors, and each day it's like playing with a new dog! I can't ever get bored of Chad! Jules even gave me permission to hex up the dog, but of course the spotwork was perfect and untouchable so all I did was fuzz it up a bit. Chad's really amazing.


Hexed by Mojo@Mojokins dot com, May 11th 2006

My second hexie from Mojo, wrrr! Mojo's a really nice person, she's so generous with her petz. I'd always been a big fan of her hexing back when she had a site, but I was never able to get anything since her stuff was just so popular! They'd get adopted instantly, and I was always too late. Then I hunted her down on aim and, wham! I was hit with a bunch of her hexies. Very happy, it made me. Challe's a great example of Mojo's crazy wild work.


Hexed by Makostainedsoul, November 27th 2009

Originally named Empyrean (a really fitting name, but I already had a cat named Empy!), then changed to this based on the anniversary I had with Hank. Yes, this was a special request. I asked him (I had nooo idea Mako was a guy, haha, until much later) to hex me a pet to commemorate my 3rd anniversary. Mako's amazing! He's very detail-oriented, and was really patient with all my demands. He's a genius with manual addballing, and it was such a pleasure to see Channel, this perfect faded beast, running around in my game.

Hexed by Jamie@Smitten, January 24th 2002

An MPA from Jamie herself, heh! This guy was on PA, and he just looked so oldschool awesome that I had to bid him down. His two-tone facemask is so simple and perfect, not something I see these days anymore. Shame! I really like his bold patches, the placement is just so excellent. His look is fit for a king.


Hexed by Hank, May 4th 2009

This... was a special day for us. I'll say that much. He is Hank's 14th hexie! Soon I've gotta start a page just for Hank's hexies haha. He's actually hexing more oftenly than I'd anticipated! yay~ Chopstick was hexed the day before I left for my internship in Portland, and we were to be separated for 3 months. )': At least I had Chopstick to keep me company, heh!


Hexed by Janena@Amenity, December 27th 2004

Traded with Oran. I got him in '05, I really loved his colors. Plus, his gigantic floofyness! He's such a split persona. When Argent is present, he's all angry, but when she leaves, he's sad! Hrrhrr, who cares if he can't make up his mind, I've already made up my mind! My verdict is that he's huggable fluffy awesome and HAPPYYY!



Hexed by Sasha@The Catz Pajamas, September 1st 1999

Aw! What a weird looking dalmatian, haha! She's an MPA from Twin, I'm actually rather fond of her oddities. She's very fun to play with, as you never quite know what face she'll pull next! She seems rather advanced for '99, a true classic really.



Hexed by Anja, February 25th 2005

Recieved as part of my AA package on July 14th, 2005. My first Anja pet, hooked me from day one! She looks so 3D, as if she'll pop out of the screen any moment. She's a really well done halfie, seamless integration on both sides of her body. And, of course, she has to fall over and make adorable poses. Keeper for sure!



"Anja/sketchi's Ice on Fire"
Hexed by Anja@Canes, December 19th 2006

Traded Lums the Shimmerspeck for him over AIM. Quite very worth it I say! Coolio is exceptionally charming. He's just so handsomeee ooh.<33 I love how all the gray seems to glimmer and just fade on him. Plus his mysterious, foreboding red eyes... mmmmmm
"Mystical/sketchi's Heart of Lion" (45 pts)
Hexed by Mystical@Apple Shampoo, September 3rd 2001

MPA from Joey, off good ol' TPS. Courage is my only show champ. He's got 45 points, having entered 24 shows in total! He won 16 in total. He's a total spazz out, and I think he's schizo. Usually he's the gentlest dog ever, but sometimes, suddenly, his eyelids will get *stuck* in 'mean' position. Seriously! Courage is way cool.

"Collateral/sketchi's frog prince"
Hexed by Jesse@Collateral, July 14th 2006

Aw, I love Jesse's simple but perfect style. Every spot has a purpose and is well-placed. Chest patches are centered, symmetrical things are symmetrical. I try to do that for my hexies, following her. Croak's a perfect example of a Jesse-hexie. That face marking--absolute perfection, yet so so simple it's hardly noticeable. The overall effect is very pleasing, and yet so subtle you'd hardly realize what it was you found pleasing! That's a master at work right there.

"SpoCo/sketchi's Spiral Staircase
Hexed by Jules@Spontaneous Combustion, February 23rd 2005

The first pet I applied for at SpoCo! I loooved the website, there was a thunderbolt and just, really flexible art. I've always admired Jules's sense of design, and her perfection in the execution. Cry was the one shown as the adult in the litter pic. At the time, she was the pet with the weirdest eyecolors I'd ever owned. 'Near-white eyes?! MAKES NO SENSE!!' Jules is an innovator, pushing boundaries of normal 'acceptable' beauty. She really changed the way I viewed the design of petz.

"SK/sketchi's SuperFox"
Hexed by Skillet@SK, January 18th 2001

She used to belong to Jamie@Smitten. I don't know how Jamie found it in her to give Daxi up, but I'm still overjoyed! Daxi is my first Skillet pet, and she's just fuzzy and clumsy and lovable. She's always getting tripped over by my other petz! What's amazing is that, even with those huuge feet, she can still catch the frisbee! She's, without a doubt, one of my absolute favorites. I just want to reach inside my moniter and SQUEEEEZE her!
"Blink/sketchi's Forevery thing"

Hexed by nerfy/Blinky, August 9th 2002

A gift of sorts from the most gracious and kind Megan@Silvertoo! I fell in love with this girl on first sight. She just looked so vulnerable, so fragile and innocent. And, of course, Megan's description of her on the page was lovingly written as well. Desmond's pure white fur, with a daring dash of copper--I needed to pet her, to see her run around! I hadn't wanted a pet so bad since Eldorado. She reminds me of a unicorn.
Hexed by me, October 3rd 2011

It's rare for my own hexies to make it to the crewpage, but I had to make an exception for Dewdrop. She's just that awesome. I put a lot of work into her, BLOOD AND TEARS mate. Blood and tears.

Hexed by Lox@AK, September 7th 2008

Puppy!!! The textures are gorgeous, this dog looks so cuddly. She looks *real*. And she's always so happy. Her ears, her miniature size--and those blue blue eyes! Plus, blue pawpads, so faint it's hard to trace. She's one of the rare mutts that look dainty.


"APS/sketchi's Event Horizon"
Hexed by Jesse@A Petz Site, August 27th 2004

From the name to the tips of the fur on the tail, Dinky is cutecutecute! One day, me and Smarti were talking about color combos, and she randomly pulled out this here dog to show such, and then suddenly was like 'I don't know what to do with him'. I was speechless! An old hexie from Jesse? Not only that, but I mean, he's so adorable! I just love the spots on his tail. His showname is "Even Horizon" because he reminds me of a blackhole sucking back light. eep

Hexed by Jamie@Smitten, January 21st 2002

One of the best things ever to grace the lands of PA. I'd put down 400 PCs for her, but nobody bidded above 60. Their loss, because, this girl is my resident smart-ass, tricksy, frisbee-catcher extraordinaire! She's the original from the file too, hexed off Lida's Strayz file. I lovelovelove Dive. She's my first hexed dachie too!<3333



Hexed by Sirius@GBK, November 14th 2005

From the second and probably last litter of Danker BMDs. There are 9 in total. I traded Si a custom Crow Minion for this guy. Doc's my favorite lab hexie, there's just something so utterly likeable about him. He's like this aloof, dumb-but-happy kind of character. Plus he's just soooo delicious to look at!!!



Hexed by Hank, November 27th 2008

#12! Hexed for our second anniversary, which he nearly forgot (he had to look at my sullen face for a while before he remembered, haha). The one eye is so awesome! And the tail that looks like a piece of poop? Signature Hank, I tell ya. This is an amazing hex, he surprises me sometimes. This dog lacks joints, but it works! Hank's some sort of natural hexing genius.


Hexed by Anja, March 10th 2005

Wow! Handsome has a name, and it's Dradict! Actually his original name was sketchi3 or something like that, and I named him this as a combination of 'drug' and 'addict'. You know, because he's SO DAMN FINE! Plus he looks like cocaine. Abstractly. Somehow.


Hexed by Hank + me, June 11th 2011

Mostly Hank's work. Base, colors, etc. I tweaked it and added shiny spots. 8) Yay! My own piece of Hank's epic "rainbowtale" story. Dreamtail's colors come from a moonbow (which is simply a rainbow at night). She has sleepy syndrome, fittingly! She must have a lot of dreams, sleeping so much.


Hexed by Melissa@Sinful, July 22nd 2003

MPA of Oran's. I'm not usually a fan of external textures, but I guess I just really love fuzzy clumsy mutts! Dusty's really pretty, I rather like the marble texture. I actually think I'd like her better with in-game textures, but that's only because I'm a lazy ass who doesn't want to keep track of extra files for individual petz. I guess I can make exceptions at times, though. ; )

Hexed by Jules@SpoCo, March 30th 2005

Wow I've wanted this hex forever, this very dude! Apparently Jena has the same tastes as me, because it was she who had him all this while! Then she had a huge MPA, and I'm sooo glad I was able to get my mitts on Edge! He's so much perfection that perfection would be an understatement. Seriously, Jules never ceases to amaze me.

Hexed by Kitsune, November 8th 2007

Kitsune and I traded breedfiles! I gave her my Elomina winged dane file, she gave me her Fruity mutts file. Then we hexed ourselves exactly what we wanted! It was amazing. I thinned the file up and made some color changes, but left the spots pretty much intact because, well, what's there to change? The fruits are amazing, they're so precise and there's so many of them! Effie's really pretty, she's always prancing about the screen.


Hexed by Dizzy, January 4th 2005

His white face is most adorable! He always seems a bit smaller than I expect an adult abbaio to be, for some reason! It's cute. His colors... oh his colors. Perfect mesh, great fit. I'm very glad I traded Oran! His name's the best too, I've always wanted a pet named Einstein, heee! (he isn't the brightest, I wouldn't say... no, he's fairly clumsy and silly!)

"Malo's We Live As We Dream
Hexed by Kate@Malo, January 29th 2001

An MPA from Twin, recieved over AIM. Eriol's named after a character from one of Tolkien's lesser-known books! In the book, he is an inquisitive human traveller who wants to be an Elf. Eriol is just about the sweetest fuzzy dali pup I could ever ask for. He's so devilishly innocent! I'm terribly in love. He hates cheese and the watering can.


Hexed by Michy, January 1st 2010

A new year's freebie. He holds sentimental value for me, as the only reason I was able to nab him was because I realized my mistake in choosing to spend new year's with friends (exciting!!) over a quiet night with my lonely mom, and headed back home half-way there. So I pretty much nearly failed there. Seeing my mom light up when I went back, totally worth it. :)


Hexed by Sirius, January 15th 2006

I adores these colors together. Eyes, coats, patches: perfect combination. There's something just so appealing about Ferin, his unfuzzed fuzzy body. He looks quite dashing wearing hats (and even not, ha)



Hexed by Sirius@GreenBrook, October 5th 2005

Ha, I made a character in his honour, for english class (we had to make a detailed character bio). He'd be the nerdy, socially awkward boy who's hypersmart! I love these internal textures, you never really see people using them! His eyecolors suit him really well, a moody sort of dark green. Sirius hexes the most stylish, simplistic things!

Hexed by Dylan@Venom, March 25th 2007

The leopard spots are divine. I love her brilliant neon pink eyes, they're spectacular! Firestarter never needs to dress up because OH her skin is a leopard skin 24/7!!



Hexed by Michy, February 6th 2011

Uh huh, a shiny Mightyena, watcha gonna do.




Hexed by Michy, December 8th 2009

Yay! An elemental wolf! I had this character in my head since elementary school, together with a friend we decided what Flame should look like. Michy had a '12 days of hexing' service, where whoever identified the lyrics she'd post each day would have a shot at getting a custom hex! I got day #5, and the song was MONSTER by Lady Gaga. It fits Flame, I think! Hahaha. Flame originally was hexed with cream fur and green eyes, but I'm suuuper grateful Mich didn't mind me petfile hexing. He had to be *exact*, and he is. His personality is so unique, too. He loves lolling along the floor.

Hexed by Syren@Nimbus, April 3rd 2005

The original litter was hexed in November '04, but I missed out. Besides that, I wanted Syren to add a little tail tuft for me! I love that tail tuft, I think it makes him that much more awesome. He's got lightning bolts along his side, Flitwick is pretty much the coolest dog in the neighbourhood.


Hexed by Michy, December 28th 2008

New year's gift from the ever-generous michhh! Hank named him in a text message! I asked him to name a black puppy with red eyes, and at first he replied 'poo poo the stinky dog', but after I prompted for a serious reply, he said "I dont know lily... How about foggy?".

His movements are all so deliberate and big. It's a pleasure watching him run around! He's so happy-go-lucky it's like he's not afraid of anything. All his actions just have so much ENERGY!

Hexed by Loxie, May 19th 2008

Soo this is a Manson GSD (Manda's base), version Swampy! Got him in the card-swapping SS, can't believe someone swapped me this card! I love the base, it's so solid. The claws are a nice touch!


Hexed by Fabio, March 6th 2005

Aw, possibly my first 'custom' hexie! I applied for this guy on TPS. Fabio had a, well, pretty much freebie-doggy thread, and you could customize the nose speckley colors and the coat colors and the eye colors. Basically everything. And thus Fufu was born! I loveee the red specks on his nose. Fufu is just amazing, from his name to his looks to his fluff.


Hexed by Pinto, January 20th 2009

I am in love. Best Garurumon hex EVER. The first, and the only one in these original colors. She's amazing, I dunno what to say really. The intricacies make me dizzy.

Hexed by Mojo@Mojokins dot com, May 11th 2006

This is the epitome of Mojo Genius. She's got mojo, that girl. Gnarlsay has hidden tattoos everywhere. The textures blend them in, but at different angles you can appreciate a heart tattoo on his right hip and a pawprint on his left! The textures make him really come alive, he's super 3D and it's just all really amazing. I was freaking out when I got him, it was such a surprise and just way too cool watching him in game!


Hexed by Sirius@Paradoxa, February 10th 2002

Sirius keeps churning out these timeless classics. Who can ever tell the age of Godfrey just by looking at him? Not to mention, he has textured pawpads! He's amazingly adorable, and I love his color schematics.



"Devilish/sketchi's slinky coyote"
Hexed by Kitty@Devilish, January 13th 2005

Pretty much best friends with Lancelot! There was a while when him and Lancelot were the only petz I'd be playing with. I just love these guys soo much! His base file was by Jules, so he's like the child of kittyxjules. How often does that happen?! My two fav hexers coming together and reproducing puppies! Yayyyyyyyy.

P.S. Grawr really likes souuup.

Hexed by Joey@Honeydukes, November 13th 2005

His birthday in his profile says November 22nd, but since I recieved him on the 13th I feel safe to say he must've been hexed earlier! Haha, Joey and her incorrect clocks. In any case, the spots on his tail are what got to me. They're so silver and luscious! Joey's superb at hexing mutts; so well in fact that mutts hexed by Joey are deemed 'moey mutts'! I'm proud to own a 'moey mutt', his ears just about kill me.

"Ozland/sketch's daring inspiration"
Hexed by Jamie@Animal Farm, November 25th 2006

Oh, how can I resist a doggy by the name of my most beloved human? Haah. I was browsing Animal Farm, saw my boy's name, and HAD to HAD TO apply. Nevermind the fact that this petzy Hank is amazingly goodlooking and smart and cuuuuuuuute. Petzy Hank started off non-fuzzy, but I had Jamie's blessings to go ahead and fuzz him up. >D Petzy Hank really does remind me of my Hank in real life!

Hexed by Meer@Black Mist, March 22th 2006

Lancelot approves very much. Within minutes he got her preggers, haha! Heresy is the first pet I've ever seen with a perfect spiral on her chest. Meer's a great maker of spirals (these are her "downward spiral danes"). I loved the details and heart put into this hex, what with all the eye speckles and tongue speckles and SPIRAALLZ!

Hexed byAli@Qwerty, February 11th 2010

Nice and simple, gangly and rough. I like that. He's always so forthright too, and literally wears his heart on his sleeves! ...er, hearts.


Hexed by Chii@Shizuka, March 10th 2006

By the power in his wobbly eyes and shakey fur, Howl's convinced me to keep him. I neeearly put him up for MPA, but just playing with him a bit convinced me otherwise! His name is derived from... well, what else, Howl's Moving Castle! There's something about him that just never grows older; could be his shorty legs but then there's also something in his face... He's like a perpetual puppy<3


"DKP/sketchi's forgotten mist"
Hexed by Smarti@DKP, June 19th 2006

I gave her some references for one of my oldest characters, Ice, and she hexed him for me. <33 Ice... is perfectly what I wanted, more than I hoped for. Smarti is Da Bomb. She's super-good with numbers and hardcore hexing. Every code is perfect, minimal, and effective. I respect her a lot.

Hexed by Mandi@Cargo, September 14th 2008

Aww, a shaman dachie! He reminds me of my old favorite anime, Shaman King! The flame tattoos and addball necklace is extremely well done. Texture use is great too, this hex is a symphony of everything done well. Plus, fuzzy ears and tail! *respect*



Hexed by Hank, October 13th 2006

Hexed on friday the 13th? ooooh. This was Hank's first hexie. Hank is my awesome win-at-life BF. We weren't actually going out at that time, but we did a month and a bit afterwards. No, I didn't date him because he hexed for me. Although, that'd be a valid enough reason!


Hexed by Relo, November 19th 2009

Jamina is one of the first personality-altered petz ever! Relo somehow figured out how to EDIT THE PERSONALITY of petz (amazing I know), which has never been done before, and then adopted some out. Jamina is a 1st gen dane, but she shows poodle, dane, and oshie traits! As well as some traits I've never seen any petz do. She trots, she acts poodle-ish, and she runs away from a lot of things (even clocks on the wall?!). She also has THE cutest walk ever, a cross between a dane and an oshie<3 I'm so glad I got to own her!

Hexed by Kat@Fantasy, March 20th 2005

The first trade we ever did, I had trouble picking just one from her massive and drool-inducing archive! He just looked really... unique, and rather pretty. The pink paws/tongue make him look like some delicious fruit (watermelon comes to mind!) whenever I see it against his coat. I love the two-toned greens.



Hexed by Max@Domino Effect, April 23rd 2005

I just love her freckles. The use of hair20 is so excellent, it was the first time I'd seen it used like this!



Jimmy Urine
Hexed by Pinto, November 9th 2008

The spotwork, the bodymods... all sooo terribly cute! I really like the 'outline' around the red areas, I think this hex is really well done! Something about his huge head on his scrawny body makes Jimmy very endearing.



Hexed by Lox@AK, December 2nd 2009

Ok this one's kinda weird. The night before I had a dream about Lox giving out cream danes, and then the next day she was like "HEY MERRY HOLIDAY LITTER FRANDS!!!" (except more eloquently) and I was all O:! ...So here's Jingle. Creamy rich, chill and mellow.


Hexed by Kat@Fantasy, October 31st 2005

I wanted a custom neighboorhoodie dane, and I wanted to be surprised. So here he is, a unique, surprising neighboorhoodie dane! Love the bodymods, especially as a puppy. These things are cuter than fresh-baked buns. Kat's one of my favorite hexers, everything she touches looks professional.


Hexed by Jamie@Smitten, January 10th 2002

An old pet Jamie decided to sacrifice up on PA. Aww, an alley-mutt? I love it! Scruffy pets just demand my love, and Junk is one of the scruffiest yet! He's so naturally hexed it's ridiculous. I'm in love with his simple nature.



Hexed by Max@Frivolous, February 27th 2010

I only managed to think up a name for him on April 4th 2010, since it took a while for him to get to my inbox and then for me to decide on a name, haha! He's absolutely lovely, Max got this custom spot on. Based off this drawing, except even cuter. Rawr



Hexed by Michy@Stallion, May 14th 2005

First pet from Mich? Idk, we used to trade a lot hehee. I just really like the color usage on him. So natural and everything.
He's highly photogenic as well! Pretty much all pictures look good with him in it.


Hexed by Jules, February 1st 2007

FFFU-- YEAH! A sheepdog that looks adorable, alert, and basically amazing. Is there anything Jules can't do?! I love the color and texture use, it's really uncommon and wild. I don't think I've seen a single other hexie use these colors and those textures. So well, too!



Hexed by Jill@Teritory, May 18th 2002

MPA from Ashley@Socks, I just couldn't pass up that raggedy fluffy tail! Love old hexies so much, they're always scruffy and kinda imperfect, but therein lies their charm. His slightly enlarged feetsies make me aww as well.


Hexed by Michy@Pogo, March 8th 2009

Ha! Named after a car I'd just learned the name (and awesomeness) of then, I had to adopt. It's actually 'lamborghini', but whatever. I'm totally gonna buy a real lamborghini when I'm rich and famous. Anyway, I already have a digital version, and everything's better digital. So! My life is complete.



"Devilish/sketchi's some kind of wicked"
Hexed by Kitty@Devilish, April 27th 2005

My first Kitty pet, and ever since then I've been a steadfast worshipper. I know I shouldn't play favorites, but... Lancelot's my favorite doggy. Period. He's just got so much personality, so much confidence, so much handsomeness. From day one I was in love. There's just no pet like him out there in the big wide petzy world.
"Moony's Do It For The Muppets!"
Hexed by Moony@Rampage, December 30th 2004

I love Moony dalis, I really do. Larry's no exception. His colors are really great together, and the slight fuzz incorporated really draws it out. He doesn't seem like a regular dali, there's just something... different about him. Also, he's such a schizo. He wants the cheese when I'm holding it... hates it when it's on the ground. I can get him to eat it by handfeeding him, but he'd never eat it if I leave it there!
Hexed by Dylan@Venom, December 17th 2005

So many stars, so little time! Lekchu was fuzzed up more than the regular ones, as par request. We were able to customize the color for the wings/misc things (whatever you see which is gray here!), and I chose a color-changing color. So in effect I managed to adopt several versions of her file! Hahhaa, each time I open the game to see him, I'm surprised again by what he brings to the table. And his colors always look good, since his basal colors are black and white. Can't go wrong with this pup!

Hexed by Shmoey@Apple Shampoo, August 12th 2001

I dunno, I really am fond of Mystical hexies. Shmoey/Joey/Mystical are supposedly one and the same. There's always something so furry and inviting about her hexies, they never fail to charm me. Lemming is an MPA of Sirius, and Si was a dear friend so he really is extra special. Minis and sheepies are generally not my thing, but some are just REALLY DAMN CUTE. Like this guy. He really charms your pants off.


Hexed by Riley, December 20th 2009

He looks quite majestic most of the time, thanks to his buff bod and flaggy tail! I got him via Winter Swap, the swirls are very pretty. :B



ketchi's On the Wind of a Dream"
Hexed by Manda@YodaSoda, June 9th 2007

I own... a unicorn of my very own. This is the only horse I have from Manda, and she's perfect. She is the only horse I will ever need, either. Perfect in every way possible, she's like a childhood dream come true. Her mane is so long and flowy when she grows up, too, just as I always imagined unicorns should be. Thanks Manda, thanks more than I could ever thank.


Hexed by Liv@Cirque, January 28th 2010

She's named after me, so of course she's awesome! *narcissist* Haha, but really, Liv wouldn't let me change her name so... I really like her colors though, and honestly don't mind sharing a name with such a saucy thing. ;D


Hexed by Kitty, Feburary 6th 2008

Aww, a 20th birthday present from Kitty! I was really touched by the gesture. I love her bright colors, and it's funny but her name was my nickname waaay back in elementary school. Well, some kids would call me that. I HATED it but oh well, no harm done! Worth a good chuckle nowadays. :) I love how fuzzy she is, and just... makes me warm all over!

Hexed by Jesse, January 30th 2007

I bid on this guy with WC or NP or something, I believe. He's a pleasant fellow, easy on the eyes and not aggressive with my other petz. I like the shadow spots on him, and his furry body is most nice. I especially love his eyecolor combo! Green and pink never looked so great.

"DKP/sketchi's tomorrow waits the sun"
Hexed by Smarti, June 20th 2006

She hexed my character, that Smarti! She's so great at character hexes, I didn't even want to think about the wings or legs and whatnot. As a favor, for nothing at all, Smarti hexed me my comic book character. And two others!! All of them have wings, Smarti is insane and amazing. Lubis ... I love her ear tufts most.


Hexed by Prawny, July 13th 2001

Haha aww, a tiny lab! Love these color/texture combinations, so soft and fluffy. Lucky is the least toughly boy I know! He's always polite and nice and just, well mannered. I really like that, hah. I've also always wanted to name a pet Lucky, and here he came! He was an MPA from Twin. I'm lucky to have Lucky.



Hexed by Jules@SpoCo, February 6th 2006

A birthday gift from Jules! One of her infamous Emo Danes. He's named after one of my white-haired characters, a soul-collector. Pretty emo huh?? These danes have topped my wishlist for so long. The hair and spotwork is just so intricate... Jules is crazy, in the best way possible. He was a really nice birthday gift! Sure did make me happy. : )

Hexed by Lox@AK, February 19th 2008

Loxie tried to hexed 'me' one day, and this is the result. She kindly allowed me to edit his petfile as much as I'd like, and while I still don't think this represents 'me' I must say he's very cute! Lox's signature tooth tuft thingies are rather adorable.


Hexed by Estuko@Wajas, February 11th 2007

Mmm, she does have a waja-ish quality, doesn't she?! I'm quite excited to own such a pet, it's like a signature from a celebrity! Hehehe. Plush she's basically floofy and awesome. I love her eyes too. Subtley different shades, very natural looking otherwise. I think I'm in love with the headshape. *o*


Hexed by Kitty@Devilish, February 6th 2005

Oh wow, Kitty hexed something on my birthday before we'd ever met! Hehee, I got this steely dude from Oran, I'm sooo happy we traded. He's got the best ears, and just such an awesome color combo! I really like the way his spots had been placed, and even his eye colors--green+blue--make me pleased. It's an honour to share a birthdate with him. :)


Hexed by Mandi@Cargo, November 27th 2008

Traded on the 2nd anniversary of me & hank. (:
She's so pretty, she's my favorite pokemon. Mandi made it spot-on. It's funny that she's a sheepdog, because she does not seem like one at all! I couldn't tell, she was way too graceful. She didn't trip out nearly as much as many of my danes! Mew trots, but doesn't splat when I drop her. How smart!

Hexed by Jesse@Taboo, April 19th 2003

He's so natural looking. He could almost pass for a bred pet, except he's a bit too quirky. Haha... Love the use of textures, and auhh the nice randomly placed spots. An MPA from Oran. I lovelovelove his snout patch. It's just absolutely perfect. I also enjoy his name a lot, at first I didn't really like it, but it grew on me.



Hexed by Meer@Black Mist, January 23rd 2006

Ahahahahahah three rats on her back! How does Meer think of these things?? If I'm not mistaken, Meer started the short-lived fad of pets-on-petz. It's so cute watching her walk around with these three rats on her back, and it's even more awesome when the rats appear to move about along with her twisting and turnings! Millee is the name of my first rat... So this pup's in memory. The first rat on her head, white with gray hood, is what my first rat looked like. I regret not taking pictures while she was still with me.

Hexed by Forgotten Lore, June 17th 2001

Pretty close to my dad's birthday (19th)! Everyone needs a hot girl named Minerva in their lives. Thank you Twin, I am complete now. Minerva's an MPA, and I just really fell for her overall fuzzyness. I love the steel blue, scratchy tan colors on top of her fluffy white fur. There's such contrast about it, and I dig.



Hexed by Lynx@RS, May 5th 2006

Minze means mint in German. Learn something new everyday, especially when you hang with the cool kids (ie bilingual petzy people: Lynx). Minze's a custom greyfleck dane, the only fuzzy one ever to be made! I couldn't decide between the eyecolors 7 and 204, so Lynx put them both on Minze, haha. I've loved the greyfleck danes before I even met Lynx, so her reputation precedes her. <3

"Dk's Airs of Madness to Declare"
Hexed by Chelsie@Dyskrasia, June 4th 2006

The one and only original Montana! Traded for an Entropy dane. Montana is just so scruffy-looking, I love it. He's like the best furball ever. Chelsie's made a ton of great hexies, but this one's still gotta be my fav. Plus, I feel like I oughta protect him! Montana's such a weak little wussy.


"Akorix/sketchi's nightsky brightsky"

Hexed by Kitsune@Akorix, September 4th 2007

The original grey-white one hexed by Kitsune! I drew a pic and traded some petz for this girl. She trots beautifully, effortlessly. She glides across the screen! And her spots.... they daze me. She is so cute and takes such good pictures, I had so much trouble deciding which one to put up here!!


Hexed by Michy@Pogo, November 11th 2009

He's got a rainbow on his snout, and stars across his back. How can you not love this dog?! He was a freebie too, but I'd really like to gift her something back! <3 I love his ears so much, and the way he moves... I can just look at him from a distance and watch him twinkle across the screen.

Hexed by Kitsune, December 27th 2010

Holiday gift from the artistically inclined Kitsune (kit-soon-eh, though I still pronounce it kit-soon in my head haha)! She added some extra white just for me, which makes Muppet stand out even more. Lovely chapper, and his eyecolors (which Kitsune picked for me!) are especially neat. Subtle shades of grey, very subtle.



Hexed by RandomWiktor, December 12th 2007

While trading with RW, I couldn't decide which of her files I wanted, so she combined all of them! Myriad is a mixture of her brainslider labz (he has a mohawk which comes and goes with fatness), with ear eartufts from her lynx file, with markings and eyes (I mean really! half blue/half brown eyes, with an eyeshine that isn't an addball!) from her husky file. She also flopped his ear and gave him a two-toned pink nose, and made him trot. I think my mouth dropped open when I first recieved him, he's that amazing and thoughtful.

Hexed by Hank, October 11th 2007

Hank kinda wanted me to put this guy up here. He thinks we all copied him with the wings and addballzy stuff! Hahaha.... *sigh* She is pretty cute though, I'll give him that! I rather like the unusual color scheme. Purple and red and black? huh! Nandot is his 5th hexie, and her name is a swear word in Malaysian. o_0



Hexed by Jules, December 20th 2003

A NINJAAA HE'S A NINNNNNJA!!! I love my Ninja so very much. Jules traded me her MPA, and aghhh I can't get over how awesome Ninja is. His body mods are amazing, and just... his personality! So sneaky, he's like a cat. Then again, he never takes himself too seriously, and isn't an uptight ninja. No, Ninja is full of skill, but above all, honourrrr!!!


Hexed by Pizzey, December 24th 2010

Woah, this is a lab you say? He's funny. FUNNY-LOOKING! But seriously, wide ass, pointy head--very funny looking. ;D Amuses me that this IS A LAB! You'd think it'd be a chihuahua, dachie, or even some weird cat. Nope, full-grown lab.



Hexed by Lox@AK, April 1st 2010

One of my all-time fav Lox bases (and she does have quite the selection!), I'm so glad she finally gave in to her trading urges! Hehehe. I love his ears, his whiskies, his bootiful brown & white fur. And pretty much everything else. Definitely one very cool dog.


Hexed by Bella@Gizmo, May 19th 2010

Ooh, what a pretty gent! The last (but best, imo!) to go in a freebie litter, I'm glad I got there just in the nick of time! I very much approve of his name, since it reminds me of that song, you know ~FOUND A PEANUT, FOUND A PEANUT, FOUND A PEANUTTT LAST NIGHT....



"Yoda/sketchi's stormy-night spectrum"
Hexed by Manda@YodaSoda, June 4th 2005

Perry's my first rainbow pet everrr! Also my first trade with Manda, back on TPS. He must be the first dalmatian with Manda's spirally tail, too! So many firsts, he means a lot to me. Although his personality is just a bit dull, I can never give him up since he's just so special. Also, this is where I gave Manda my backspot code for use on this guy. Dylan used it on a few of her hexies later on. In fact, I met Dylan through Manda through Persimmon<3.

Hexed by Nemo@360, July 7th 2006

She has the fluffiest bum in all of petzdom. Someone returned her to Krista, so she was adopting them out again. I can't fathom who'd want to give up her lovely fluffy bum! Just look at it, so white and FLUFFEEE! Plus Phobia has a really cool, dark blue gaze. It's just dark enough to be mysterious and solid, yet still quite obviously blue. Lovely!


Hexed by Joey, August 11th 2000

I believe this 'Joey' is the same as Mystical@Apple Shampoo? The one who hexed my beloved Courage. In any case, Phyre was an MPA from Twin, and his name reminds me of this oldold gundam song, 'Nights of Phyre'. Or maybe it was 'Knights'. Who knows. I love her buggy eyes, fluffy tail, odd spotwork... I'm a big fan of Mystical@Apple Shampoo, whoever she is and wherever she may be. *o* I hope to meet her one day!


Pirate Lad
Hexed by Rachel, July 24th 2004

MPA from Kitsune, I got lucky to catch this little guy! I've always wanted one of these, peg-legged quirky dogz. Pirate Lad, what a fitting name too! Such a cool concept, well carried out.


Hexed by Anja@Canes, March 11th 2005

Aw, Anja's style is so strong and evident. Each spot has a purpose, and the whole design ties in well together. What did I do to deserve Pixie? Absolutely nothing. Anja's just super nice like that. Pixie's one of the few nonfuzzy danes I find attractive, she's just so well made. I actually don't think fuzzy would work on her, as her spots are so exacting!


Hexed by Janena@Amenity, November 26th 2005

I drew a picture of her and her boyfriend, so she eviled me something special! The spotwork on this dog kills me. She isn't fuzzy at all obvsly, but the spotwork really gives an illusion of fluff. The spots on her front paws are adorably patchy, the look of itis so polished.


Hexed by Hank, October 24th 2009

Wow, a poodle I like. Hank is actually pretty amazing. He has a natural talent for body shapes, his character designs were always quite funny! There wasn't really an occasion for this hex, except that he said he'd hex for me to be nice, hah. Which is fine by me! Poopoo is a funny name for a funny dog. She's always trying to be vain, true to her poox persona, but really you can't take her seriously! It's like watching a little kid wear highheels and put on lipstick. She's adorable.

Hexed by Mandi@Cargo, November 9th 2007

PA-win! She cost quite a pretty penny, and I swear for the last time I DON'T LIKE MINISHEEPIES, but honestly her face is too adorable. It's like a little bunny, and then a shocked kitty, and a bit of puppy all rolled into one.



Hexed by Mojo@Mojokins dot com, May 11th 2006

The first pet I've ever recieved from Mojo! She has such a unique style which I've never seen replicated in all my years in the PC. It's so wild, yet polished. I'm always impressed by her originality. Portishead has a wonderfully random name, befitting of his looks for sure! His eyes really get to me, and I gotta love his little claws.



Hexed by Janena@Amenity, January 4th 2005

MPA from Jamie, she'd originally gotten this guy from Cryptic Cupid. Prince isn't the most photogenic dog, but he's extremely pretty in-game. You can't tell from any of the pictures I've been able to take of him though. If you think he's pretty here, he's 10x prettier in action!


Hexed by Ally@Animal Station, November 17th 2005

The wingsss! And the feet tufties. Awrr, Ally hexes the most enchanting things! His icy blue eyes in contrast against his plush dark fur is divine.



"TCP/sketchi's artificial happiness"
Hexed by Sasha@The Catz Pajamas, September 29th 1999

Traded with Sirius over AIM. I've always meant to show her but I haven't managed to yet! In any case, I'm absolutely in love with her. She's always so happy-go-lucky, so carefree... and so pleasant to look at! She has a bit of a calming effect on me, hehe. She can actually cheer me up at times.


Hexed by Manda@YodaSoda, May 3rd 2006

A custom flame dane from The Manda! *bows* Manda's like the god of intricate details. The flames are perfect, and the idea of it all--oh Manda you're too great! Pyrish's name comes from Pyro, haha. I've always loved this color combo, and had been wanting it on a pet for some time--and here it is! In all its glory and Manda-ness.


Hexed by Joey@FELEE!, April 11th 2005

Poodle! Looks like a fake toy, a really cuddly fake toy! I've never seen another poodle look this way; he's so much less, well, froo-froo looking! He actually looks like a decent dog! <3 (oh, he still acts 100% poox, which is a sight to behold!)



"Jesticals/sketchi's it was meant to be"

Hexed by Jesse, November 27th 2004

This dog was meant for me. Not only is his birthday on me and Hank's anniversary (two years before we actually met, funny!), but he's the only houla with an accidentally fuzzy hip. Plus, the blue houlas were released specifically for a drawing competition, and had I been on forums at that time I definitely would've entered! He's quickly become one of my favorites, and not just for his ~superstar~ status. He's a quirky character in his own right!

"RStar/sketchi's Retina-Burning Serpent"
Hexed by Lynx@RS, May 30th 2006

Traded Lynx for a Shimmerspeck. Rastaban is a unique, customized little gal. She's fuzzy, and has a more colorful tail/chest/face than any other of her kind. Lynx picked out her name, and it means "the serpent's head"; a star's name. Rastaban's my first pet with those brightbrite eye colors; I love Lynx for being daring!


Hexed by Anja, January 5th 2006

She just looks so organic, like you'd expect her to be a real dog. The spots are as symmetrical as they should be, no more no less. And the fuzz is in just the right places in just the right amounts. Even besides that, she's just so fun to play with! An absolute tomboy, I keep wanting to put tophats on her and refer to her as a he! Sh's very self-assured, and faces new things with eagerness.


"Neglected/sketchi's Good Not Evil"
Hexed by Sam@Neglected, February 12th 2006

Although he was hexed in 2006, I only got him on the 18th of November, 2007! That's nearly two years, wow. Sam just was too busy, or at the wrong place at the wrong time, for all that time! Haha, I was ecstatic when I finally got him though! He's everything a zombie dog should be. On top of it, he's adorable. Cutest zombie ever!

"Devilish's Murderous Remembrance"
Hexed by Kitty@Devilish, February 14th 2007

The odd one out in Kitty's Valentine Burtonesque litter. Sleek, minimal, simple, perfect. Not a spot on him to taint his perfect black. And his dark red eyes, wine-colored, intoxxxicating. My one and only Burtonesque, he's very dear to me.


Hexed by Harli, November 28th 2009

Bwahaha, a HUGE GIANT scottie!!!! He reminds me of my childhood in many ways, and so I named him Robert, mainly after my old best friend's stuffed brown rabbit. He's such a softie, he'd never hurt my other petz. I really like how plain and simple he is, I wouldn't want him any other way. It's a lot of fun playing with this huge hunk of fluff. :D He was a freebie on PCG! Harli's great.


Hexed by Michy, December 23rd 2009

Aw, a holiday gift, how nice! She even made his markings black upon request, since I thought it'd suit 205 eyes better. I think it does. n__n Such a pretty girly!



Hexed by Sirius@GBK, August 10th 2005

I met Si through this guy! I'm so glad I met her, she's one of my best buddies in the PC. Rocker's got a wolfish quality, and I just love the simple but effective hexing style Si uses. Ahh, look at his vacant stare, he's so brainless but cute. <3 I love his body. It's perfect. *sexes*


Hexed by Joy@Jaded, April 4th 2009

A Unicorn dog! Absolutely perfect. He's got a custom heart on his chest too. His original name was Felix, but I renamed him following a conversation with a gay french dude named Rodrigo, who gave his consent to use his name for this pup ahahaha. He likes this design, but he has no clue what petz is. Also, when I got the internship with Andrew Stern I gave Rodrigo some cheese to celebrate. n___n

Hexed by Janena, January 2nd 2010

Aw, a gift from 'nena! Of course it's so her to hex a floofy, cuddle-monster. Rudolph is amazing with his christmas tree chest, stocking feet, and candycane face marking.<3 He pretty much epitomizes Christmas, right down to the fuzzy warm feeling he gives off!



"Jestical/sketchi's Musical Patterns"
Hexed by Jesse@APS, July 18th 2005

I can't quite figure out how to pronouce her name, since that's an... unusual spelling of the word, but I like it. Her name will forever be an abstract concept, just as real rhythm is anyway. She's a unique custom, I really like how it turned out.

Hexed by Blinky@Boxcar, October 28th 2001

Rah! Blinky (now known as Dane) gifted me one of her oldies! Sabriya is sooo cute, I really adore her haphazardish look. There's something very appealing about old hexies, I'm telling you. The way she moves is unpredictable, and it's quite fun to take pictures of her!


Hexed by Kimberly, July 1st 2009

Original name was Renegade, and I renamed him to Sachie after the pet form of English Sacheverell, meaning "roe-buck leap". He's pretty, rather! The hairtuft is a nice touch. I got her to add more stars for me, the one on his snout is super cute! I like how blendy the gradations on her belly get.


"Paradox/RaLu's Per Angoscia Non Scoppiar"
Hexed by Sirius, February 1st 2006

Friendship dali! Si has one just like him, as a dane. They both have black hearts on their butt, and go by Italian names/shownames! According to Si, his showname roughly translates to "Do Not Burst With Anguish". His twin's showname translates to "Unhappy, Betrayed Heart". Both lines come from and opera composed by Wagner, back in the day. These guys were made in honour of Valentine's day and our friendship, says Si! *tear* How I miss her now.

Hexed by Michy@Pogo, February 2nd 2008

The first pet I adopted in 2008! Traded a customized black paisley dane for this guy. Se7en's totally customized too, and Michy named him after a movie by the same name. He's HUUGE, I had to either use this crouching pic or a puppy pic to get him to fit on this page in an orderly way! I do believe this is my first pet with a number incorporated into its name. I like. Especially how the eyes seem to gl0w.


Hexed by Twin, February 6th 2006

A birthday gift from the wonderful Twin. It took a few weeks for the genius of this hexwork to sink in, but now that it has, I'm just... in awe. There are unanchored spots all over the place, only *purposefully* unanchored so that they make Shampoo look silky, sudsy, everchanging... He's amazing. I love those eyecolors on him, too, and his awesome color/texture combo. Twin's a genius. One of the best 18th birthday gift ever.

Hexed by Midnightwolf, March 18th 2011

Yay, Midnightwolf hexed yet another one of my drawings! The ears are amazing, and the rump is perfect. How cute. :3 Midnightwolf sure is amazing at doing addballz!




Hexed by Loxie, March 19th 2011

She gifted me Toothless, but I itched for a white one. When Lox ok'd the trade and gave me free-range to petfile edit, I jumped on the chance! I RARELY ever ever adopt more than one variation of the same pet, but I had to make exceptions for these two beauticious lox-dragonss. They make quite the pair, too!

moony/sketchi's infinite loop

Hexed by Moony@Rampage, June 22nd 2006

Waaaa, this guy's been on my wishlist FOREVERRRR! Moony finally found her old files and hexed one for me! She even added an infinity symbol on his right hip, ah!<3 Shifty is utter love. From the perfect X on his ear to those awesome spots on his white forearms... He's just amazing! I'm so glad he's a dalmatian too, since fuzzy dalis were my first true love.<333 If you're reading this Moony, I LOVE YOU!!! T_T


Hexed by Jamie@Animal Farm, April 18th 2007

She reminds me of... a geisha. So pretty, so refined, so... dignified? I guess it's a bit hard to tell when you only see her being watered, hah! I love her pastel colors. Jamie's a genius I say! I get a bit lost in all her pretty colors...

"Mojo/sketchi's Third Time's a Charm"
Hexed by Mojo@Mojokins dot com, May 12th 2006

I managed to find Mojo on aim one day, and so we got to trading petz... I gave her a pet with a tattoo owl on its hip, and she decided to name that owl '003', haha! When I asked her why, she said "third times a charm ;D", and hence Sinson's showname. Plus, Sinson's my third hexie from Mojo, and, I must say, my favorite. Sinson's like my favorite mutt ever (yes he's a mutt!), he catches frisbees and is super intelligent, and gaaaaaaah he's just so pretty. One of my top fav petz of all time! OF ALL TIMEE

Hexed by Anja, April 14th 2006

I asked Anja to hex scotties, and so she did, and then offered me one! Skonly's original name was Sketchionly (she uploaded him onto AAC so I could have something to expend my numerous credits on!), so I naturally shortened it to Skonly waha. She's really a fiery ball of energy! Always running around, digging this, sniffing that... Lots of fun to observe!


Hexed by Joey@Felee, June 10th 2005

Joey had a Sweep litter on TPS, they were all freebies and I missed them! I really wanted Skye since... his name is particularly nostalgic, so I contacted Caryn (the lucky one who got him!) and traded her two hexies for him. Skye reminds me of a friend on neopets long ago, Skyler3975 or something like that. We used to draw together on paintboards and chat about life in general, we even shared a phonecall, which was the most I'd ever done with an online friend! He told me he had chronic lyme disease or something like that, and one day he just disappeared. I'm still searching.

Hexed by Hank, October 6th 2008

Ahh, once I heard about the new pokemon 'skymin', it instantly became one of my favorites, on par with mew!! I made Hank hex me one, and he did a pretty decent job! The angry eyebrows are really funny. Number 11, on the list of Hank's hexjobs! Skymin trots, and it's hard to take her seriously since she's always got that furrowed brow haha.


Hexed by SWKManda, February 13th 2010

Oh, my god. Can I even begin to be amazed at the intricate, delicate spotwork all over this dog? Hearts everywhere, blendy little things, perfectly formed and outlined and aghhhhhh. When I saw him I think my jaw literally dropped. Plus, he was a freebie. Noooo way...! Also, Hank named him, I think it was a very fitting name too. :)



"Devilish/sketchi's Seeker Keeper"
Hexed by Kitty@Devilish, January 4th 2005

I saw him up on the MPA page of Devilish, and his bent ears, just as you see in this photo here, made me love danes. Before him, my love was for dalmatians and scotties and mutts and everything EXCEPT danes. I hated their jowls, haha. But, one look at Snitch, and my whole world changed. Kitty can do that to you sometimes. In fact, Snitch not only got me into danes, but into Hairy Potttyy! Fun fact. True too.

Hexed by Hank, February 7th 2008

Ok, I'm pretty sure this pup was hexed on February 6th, since Snowball's for my birthday, but I guess my computer's clock is messed up by a few hours. Damn! This is the first Hank Hexie with spotwork. I... helped him there, haha. He said the red fuzz on the tail is for Doraemon, and the hair3 patch at the tail base is for shit. Like, when dogs poop and they get their shit stuck to their tail-fur? ...yeah. I love him anyway. (both the dog and the boy)

Hexed by Lox@AK, January 6th 2010

This guy is a HUGE softie, for realz! He's an exclusive version of Loxie's Sankari Dane file, and he's named after Lox's lab's nickname, since the "dog in question is indeed very soft!", haha. He's just a giant lump of cuddle. You could poke him with a stick and he'll just fall over asleep. He also likes being watered. Like mud. d'aw. :3


Hexed by Melinda@Sinful(?), July 5th 2003

An MPA of Kris. Holy gosh, isn't Sport something else? She's so simptasticly gorgeous. I love this pic of her, it looks like she's being blown by wind. Her colors are perfect and that texture is scrummy! I can't think of a better eyecolor to match that coat. Her spots are large and well-placed, just the way I like 'em!



"Paradox's Effect Of The Drug"
Hexed by Sirius@Twilight, October 19th 2000

She put this guy on the AAC in '05, and I was lucky enough to nab him! Wow, what a classic, rainbow spotted dalmatian! The limited rainbow palette serves only to enhance the classic feel. He's a very unique individual.

Hexed by Janena@Amenity, October 21st 2005

Probably one of my best finds at the AAC. Squash is THE epitome of cute-scruff. He's adorable! He takes the cutest photos, he's hugely photogenic. I love snapping pics of him, and I think I'm suuuuper lucky to have gotten him at all! I had just randomly logged in when Janena uploaded this guy,and maan ... what a prize!



Hexed by Marly, March 27th 2005

Marly held a litter hexing service on TPS, so I went ahead and requested! The elongated, curly fluffy tail is LOVE. And of course, I picked the colors so no complaints there! She did a great job with spreading out the spots in the right doses, and the overall effect is just a super-adorable puppy. The tail is a novelty even now!


Hexed by Lori@The Petz Chateau, March 7th 2001

An MPA of Twin's. Twin says she always used to keep Strawberry in a straitjacket, haha! Strawberry is crazy, I guess. He's named after the fruit my BF hates the most. Heh heh heh. I love it though, his pink eyes and delicious red coat makes me smell strawberry shampoo in the air. *sniffs around*



Hexed by Crissi, April 2nd 2005

He's hexed on me and Linda's "half-birthday" (long story)! Coincidence, but still makes him just that much more special to me. I really liked the enlarged ear tips Crissi made, though some didn't. I think they make him look bunny-look, all the better to burrow into my heart! These guys are rather simple, and classicaly elegant. I'm very glad she traded me Swatch!


"Silmaril's Tune Me Up"
Hexed by Becca@Silmaril, February 9th 2002

I have no idea why I have so many mini-sheepies, especially since I'm not a fan, but apparently I have friends who evil me these things, and somehow I fall in love with these squishy faces. A birthday present from Sirius, she must've thought I'd like him since his birthday's close to mine!<3 aww~ I love his texture use. It's very soft and makes him look just like a plush toy! His face... gaaah.


Hexed by Sirius, December 3rd 2005

I got this guy right after watching the 4th Harry Potter movie, at 2 in the AM! Sirius is such a great friend, haha. Thrain is full of prettyness, I don't have a single bad picture of him. Really, he's perfectly made. I love how Sirius randomly evils me petz, it's so awesome! Most people I can't say the same, since their tastes often don't match mine etc and I'd rather they not give me random petz. But Sirius ALWAYS manages to pick out petz I love, because she's awesome like that.


Hexed by Bella@Gizmo, September 7th 2010

A very random gift! I love it! Tiger from Monster Ranchers, one of my childhood fav shows (because unlike Pokemon, the humans actually FIGHT ALONG the monsters! So much more fair haha). Tiger the badass horned wolf. Bella even allowed me to edit her file (the real Tiger is male, but whatev haha), so I was pretty much in heaven.


Hexed by Melinda@Saratoga, May 6th 2003

The most beautiful corgi in existence! He will always make me think of buttered toast, and buttered toast is beautiful -- wouldn't you agree? His scraggly fur is so adorable, and his pretty two-toned green eyes set off his creamy fur nicely. MPA from Oran! And before that, I believe Joey owned him. Toast has such an admirable chest patch!

Hexed by Loxie, March 21st 2011

A very random, very welcome gift! I was very happy to hear from Lox, AND get a derplicious awesome dragon to boot!! Day was made.

Hexed by Nemo@360, December 24th 2008

A chistmas gift, and adorable totoro-inspired pet! She's unbelievably CUTE as a puppy, ungff the ears!! eeeef. The eeeears. This was a surprise gift, so the colors chosen were amazingly perfectly to my taste! Thanks so much Krista. :9


Hexed by Jules, April 7th 2005

From Affable Animals, ahhh I love Jules hexiess! The way the circled part is darker or lighter, there's just so much details in it. Jules never fails to deliver, what can I say. I rather adore Trace's black muzzles, too!


Hexed by Manda@YodaSoda, June 8th 2005

Manda gifted me this dog... just because! HEE. He's one of those rare nice doggies who don't get jealous or mean! His name is derived from two gemstones, 'tsavorite' (a green one) and zircon (a blue one). Although he dwarfs all my other danes, he ends up being chased most of the time! Poor, gentle soul.



Hexed by Anja, March 11th 2005

Anja sent me a pack of her hexies (FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER) and Turrent happened to be #1. I lovelovelove his colors and everything! He's a very sweet dog.


Hexed by Nemo@360, October 19th 2010

Krista named her "Urd" after a half-demon/half-angel character, due to her light and dark appearance. Gosh, I can't see a speck of demon in this one though! She's one fat squish, and she knows it too. Besides being crazy, in her spare time she grooms her whiskers.



"Mirus/sketchi's Dimension of Imagination"
Hexed by Lauren@Mirus, July 25th 2003

An amazingly generous gift from the awesome A+ Luli! I've wanted a Mirus dane ever since I visited Kitty's crewpage, and somehow Luli decided to give hers to me. Twilight is my first and favorite Mirus dane. Her name reminds me of 'The Twilight Zone' (which was a darn respectable show), and how I got her was entirely an episode of strangeness. I have no idea what Luli was thinking when she let me have this beautiful dog, but all I know is I'm indebted to her forever. Wow, Twilight.

Hexed by Harli, August 5th 2009

Harli hexed her take on the irish wolfhound! I really like Harli's body mods, they're so different but manage to retain the petzy feel! A freebie litter. I really wanted Benj but I was late! It's ok though since Urie is really hotstuff too. The simplicity shows off the main point even more: her lovely body shape!


Hexed by Mandi@Cargo, November 24th 2008

EE a bat! A dachie-bat, haha! Ever since I read Silverwing I've had a soft spot for batties, ysee. Genius body-modding, Vapor really looks excellent. Mandi is quickly gaining a spot in my top favorite hexers of all time. OF ALLL TIMEEEE



Hexed by Jackie@Ambrosia, January 21st 2007

Ah! I love it, all the tiny little colors, like one of those magical fiberoptics light-changing lamp thingies... I used to see them at my grandparents' homes. Jackie allowed me to edit her file, the only thing I did was add the darker spots on the paws and the snout, and transition the hip-knee/elbow/tail joints better. Those colorful spots were already perfect. I named Velement after the movie Fifth Element (get it? V... Element... V being 5), although I hadn't actually seen the movie at the time of adopting! I've seen the movie since then, and I must say, Velement definitely lives up to his name!

Hexed by Kitty@Devilish, July 6th 2005

I wrote my heart out for this guy. He's just... subtle genius work. That blue outline around his right jowl... I mean, if that isn't pure genius I can't think of anything else that is. Kitty's just brilliant, I've always admired her serious litters. War is also the only pet that scares Lancelot, from what I can tell. War is an awesome loner.


Hexed by Relo, August 9th 2010

Reloaded gave me her crippled dog file to tinker with (!!!), inspired from a real dog in her neighbourhood. I just played around with colors, and left the file mostly alone. I hexed him on the drive home from a BBQ, so he was all hexed on wheels! :) Though, Hank named him--after a wheelchair character in his student film, haha.



Hexed by Hank, February 6th 2009

A birthday gift, for when I turned 21! :) Hank wanted it to look fluffy, like walking on clouds! he was the one who dressed Whiteblue up in these ridiculous clothes, aw<3 Also, the name 'whiteblue' originates from my favorite song on DJ Max Portable, which happens to be the best game for the PSP. :P


Hexed by Kat@Fantasy, September 3rd 2005

Aw. Aw. Awawawawawww. A dreampet of mine, and Kat was so nice as to give him to me the first time we chatted in AIM. Whittier is one of Kat's infamous original 'neighboorhoodie danes', and these guys take the ABSOLUTE CUTEST puppy pictures. The Cutest Ever. If there was a Cute Puppy Contest I'd enter Whittier.<3!

Hexed by Smarti, June 20th 2006

Smarti hexed me another character thing, I gave her a picture and she painstakingly transcribed it into moving pixels! Smarti is so awesome, I really like the softness of this hex. Linelessness actually works for Windy! Smarti got the unihorn spot-on, with a slight curve and everything. Aghghghfhfhg Smart<3<3<33


"Nimbus/sketchi's Crazy Sunshine"
Hexed by Syren@Nimbus, March 31st 2001

Applied for him on TPS. He's a trotting mutt! My first trotting non-dane/dali/sheepy pet. Also, the whole litter was named after apples. I think Winesap is the best name for an apple (although I must admit, my personal favorite actual apple is the Fuji), and he has yummy slothy eyes! Sappy's just so cuddly and fun to play around with. He's very outgoing and gets along with most of my petz!


Hexed by Joey@Honeydukes, November 4th 2005

This is the FIRST and ONLY hexed chi I have at the moment of writing this description. Wizzer is, amazingly, NOT annoying!!!! She's actually surprisingly smart, and she shows a fondness for pink sweaters. When I took it off to take better pics of her, she went right back over and slipped on the sweater herself! I've only ever seen Lancelot do this, so I was surprised to see a newbie chihuahua doing this too! I got her off the AAC on November 4th, 2005. Her birthday says February 21st 2006... ah Joey and her clocks...
Hexed by Sexpot Lida, August 12th 2006

He came as "lily.pet", so I had to rename him. Having no petz with names that started with X... haha, and thus Xylon was born! Check out his zombie walk over there. He's a great pup, really lovely. Only I keep thinking of 'him' as a 'her'! eep. The first pet I actually ever applied for from Lida, I'm glad she came back, if only briefly, so I could do that! Love her hexies. So prettyful.

Hexed by Cathface, February 14th 2011

Freebie valentine's litter! YOUUU. Her littermates were, "Will", "Be", "My", and "Valentine". We had to answer her 'question' in a foreign language, so this is what I answered:

好吧! 但我已经有一个情人。



Hexed by Dee@Tamed, May 7th 2005

I've thought about MPAing this pup many times, but through it all he survived and is still with me. I've finally realized he's just too trusting and innocent to ever be MPA'd! He's got a really pure aura, as if nothing bad has ever or could ever happen to him. I got him with Hammy (bred cat), and they're such an odd couple. I don't think I could ever have the heart to give him away anymore, it's time he permanently joined my crew. As one of my rare, unfuzzy danes (but I can see his soul... and it's fuzzy!). ;)

Hexed by Becca@Upstate, December 11th 1999

MPA from Drache! Wow he sure is an ooolld little shortguy. I rather appreciate his simplicity, and the slightly colored linez. He's very calm, unlike most of my other dachies! As a pup, he's just about the cutest thing ever.