I am tough, but I am sympathetic. I am resilient, but I may lose my composure. I am invincible, but sometimes I have my weaknesses.

Hi! My name is Janena, but because nobody can pronounce it correctly I go by Nena. I was born in a very small town located in Wisconsin and grew up in another tiny town, also located in Wisconsin. I come from the typical family of two parents and one other sibling, with me being the oldest. My sister and I are both graphic designers, or she is one and I am trying to be one, and she also owns larissamarie.com. Both of us have been designing websites for a really long time, it’s actually quite sad how long we have been on the internet. I admit that I am a total 100% nerd. I say that with pride (for the most part).

My life has been nothing but a full blown soap opera for as long as I can remember and I am pretty sure I have been to hell and back a few more times then I care to! It would have been a great daytime television movie. Luckily, the soap opera stage seems to have died down and I am quite content with how life is… sort of.

I graduated with my Assoc. of Science – Graphic Design degree in May 2010 and am now on the hunt for a real job. Currently, I work full time in a call center for customer service. It is definitely a learning experience! Sometimes my mind is boggled by humanity. Ugh. It helps pay the bills though and really, I get a lot of perks and that sort of helps balance it all out. Oh well, I am trying really hard to find that new job and even if it means moving a billion miles away, I will suck it up and do it.

I am a huge animal lover. I am pretty sure my life would not be complete with out one furry critter in my heart. Unfortunately, the place that I currently live doesn’t allow pets without a ginormous deposit so Adobe is living the life at my parents’ place right now. He loves it though. He loves sitting on the porch being lazy, and he even made a new friend in a stray kitten that adopted my parents. They are super cute together and my parents love Adobe. He is the best kitty ever.

I also, very recently, became very interested in diet & exercise. I am striving to make myself the healthiest version of me as possible, mentally and physically. I take a pole dancing class once a week (and I am not very good at it yet) and I have two kettlebell routines that I do alternate on a daily basis. Also, I started living a Paleo lifestyle back at the end of January. It has helped my sensitive stomach issues immensely which is so good. Plus, I just feel better. I am trying to convince my boyfriend to do the same thing, but he refuses. Men. My goal is to someday inspire people to lose weight/be healthy and hope that when I reach my goal weight, I can help others do the same thing!

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