OKC Thunder = Love

So, I was looking through my saved drafts and stumbled upon this blog post title with nothing else written and I realized that I never even told you guys about one of my favorite moments of 2013! On November 16th, I got to see my favorite NBA team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, play against the Milwaukee Bucks! Now, I live in Wisconsin, so the opportunity to see the OKC Thunder play in person is slim because as much as I love the Thunder, I cannot afford to fly down to OKC to see them play on a random whim. Right? Right. Now, I would have been happy with any seat in the stadium because the Bradley Center isn’t all that big but we had AMAZING seats! AMAZING seats. We were Row C in section 211 which doesn’t mean much to people but here is a diagram of the Bradley Center.


We were right behind the monitors that showed the Fox Sports broadcast. It was cool to see how that compared to watching it live. The one thing I never realized is how many timeouts they take and how fast time flies during a basketball game when you are watching it live. Also, at the start of the game when the Milwaukee Bucks were warming up in front of us, I was pretty surprised at how non-huge they were. They were tall, but they didn’t look any different to me than normal people… and then I saw the Thunder. Kevin Durant is one ginormous person. He is by far my favorite basketball player (sorry Westbrook!) and I was pretty excited to see him so close! I was going to be really sad if the Bucks won (I always feel weird rooting against them) but the Thunder did not fail me and won 92-79 🙂 And now for some photos!



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