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moodhoopblaze  I have an addiction to buying hula hoops.

I have wanted a LED hoop for a very long time but just couldn’t justify spending that much money on something that I may never get good at. Well, in October, I decided that I wanted one and I was going to get one! So once that decision was made, the next hard decision was which hoop was I going to buy?!

My hooping instructor (who is no longer teaching lessons, sob) has the Future Hoop, which is absolutely AMAZING. It’s a wee bit pricy though at $299.00. I decided that I could definitely not justify spending THAT much right now. So, I narrowed it down to and some of their more affordable hoops. After a long and steady debate with myself, I decided to go with the Blaze LED hoop.

It came in the mail and I was super excited, except it went to my landlord’s office so I had to explain to him what a “moodhoop” was since the box says it on it. I told him that I hula hoop and he was really confused. I had to wait six hours before I could see it in it’s full glory! It was maddening waiting that long. Let me tell you! But finally I got to see it and it is beautiful! I have tried recording videos but as soon as the camera turns on, my clutziness goes into full effect. Trust me. It’s not pretty. I guess that just means I need to practice more.


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