First, I am really annoyed by all the spam comments that I get. I get so excited to see I have a new comment and then it turns out to be spam. I used to have a spam comment blocker but then they made it where you had to pay like $50/year or something, and I didn’t feel that it was worth it. Maybe this fall when I can toss $50.00 at my blog even though it gets 1 visitor a month. However, that is not today. Still… die spam, die!

Second, I really enjoy hooping. The class was cancelled Sunday though so I am still just working on the stuff that youtube and hoopnotica dvds are teaching me. That is fine though because I am barely able to hoop for 5 min straight, let alone anything further than that! I can do off body tricks much better than I can on body stuff. I also cannot get my back lift down at all. So difficult! I did, however, buy a polypro hoop with my dietbet winnings. Oh that brings me to number 3…

Third, I won $44.50 off of the blogilates dietbet. I put $25.00 down to achieve a goal and met that goal so I got a certain % of the pot. That 44.50 went into my paypal which went into my polypro hoop. Hey, at least I bought something fitness related with it! It would have went for something dumb, I am sure, if I hadn’t bought that hoop. I have the tendency to spend money on dumb things.

That is really about it haha. My life isn’t all that exciting sometimes 😛

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