Hula Hooping

hulahoop So, yesterday I went hula hooping for the first time since I was a kid and it was so much fun! While I sucked for the first 10 minutes and couldn’t get the hoop to stay up for more than 4 rotations, after a few very nice girls in the class gave me pointers and tips to help, I got it! The hoop was one that my instructor brought with her to show us what a collapsible hoop was, but it was also a 2lb hoop which I guess is easier to hoop with? Apparently “heavy” hoops are slower and that makes it easier. You would think that fast rotating hoops would be easier to keep up, but I would be wrong.

I also find that a few of the “tricks” are a lot easier because I used to be a flag girl/colorguard member. Once you learn how to do these moves with a 6 foot tall steel flagpole, you find that mimicking those same moves that I did for 4 years with a 39″ tall 2lb hula hoop is easy. My arms weren’t thrilled at first because they haven’t done that stuff in many, many years but they still did them. Am I sore today? Yes. Did I sweat my butt off? Yes! I also burned 350 calories, according to my heart rate monitor.That is the best part! It was fun and a good cardio exercise. Plus, I could have easily gone longer than I did because it didn’t seem like a workout.

Do I like it more than pole dancing? The answer will be a yes. Now, don’t get me wrong, pole dancing is very fun and challenging but the fact that I was able to go from not being able to hoop to being able to hoop in an hour, was a lot less frustrating with me still trying to get moves on the pole down. Plus, I can actually practice my hoop at home with my lovely hoop that you see in this post (it’s so sparkly! I love it!) while I can’t quite go buy a pole (well I can, but I won’t). My friend keeps telling me to go to more pole dancing classes but the thing is… it’s expensive! Well, for me it is! I am not quite a fan of paying $75/month for the unlimited classes. It’s $35 for 3 classes and $55 for 5 classes. She wants me to go to 3 classes a week which is $35/week. If I had an extra $75 laying around for nothing, sure, I’d do more.. but I don’t. I think the instructor/owner is a bit annoyed that I only go once a week but, tough cookies. She’s really nice but I feel like I don’t get as many “good job!” as the other girls so it’s a bit less rewarding. I dunno. Whatever. I am loving my hoop 😛 Oh and I also find the girls in the hooping class are far more friendly/talkative than the girls in the pole dancing class. They were all so nice and when I threw my hoop across the studio, they were all like “that is normal, we all do it!” and nobody cared when I dropped my hoop 50 times at first. The girl next to me was pretty good and she was giving me pointers on how to make it easier/learn it faster. They worked 🙂 I need to rearrange my apartment so I can hoop inside.. because I don’t really want to hoop outside where everybody can watch me (though there really aren’t that many people outside).

Fun times!

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