Almost as bad as gas prices!

So this is just going to be a special little vent about the cost of web hosting. I do freelance webdesign and honestly, I never really paid attention to the cost of the web hosting/domain because usually my clients buy what they want before they contact me. However, recently somebody asked me for suggestions on who to use for a web host, and I always suggest (who I use) because they have been amazing. I love them to death, I really do! I pay $72/year for 200GB of space and 2TB of bandwidth. Not bad at all! I have 2 domains attached to my hosting package (my portfolio and fyrefly) plus a few friends have subdomains, and I use maybe 12GB. However, if I go to now and get their basic package (100GB space, 1TB bandwidth) its $9/month for a year which is $108.00. Wow!

So, I thought maybe I should suggest somebody else. has a special going on right now for 100GB/Unlimited Bandwidth/1 Domain for $2.99/month and that really isn’t bad but when that special goes away, it is still 71.88 which is what I pay now, I guess. I’ve never used Godaddy, myself, because I tend to avoid the huge popular companies because I feel like they are the ones that have a billion domains on one server and they go down a bit. Maybe that is jaded thinking but I really have checked out quite a few “popular” hosts and none of them are cheap.

What happened to the web hosting companies that was like $40/year?! Why is web hosting so expensive now? Goodness. Is it because everybody and their brother uses websites for their business? I don’t know but my mind is blown. I have had for so long that I can’t imagine not having it but it doesn’t generate any revenue for me and that is fine. I bought it for my hobby and it really sat collecting dust for the longest time. Why? Because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it, to be honest. My old domain was that I had with netrillium but netrillium was bought out by The prices for axishost… oh lord. For 1GB of space and 20GB of bandwidth it is $5.99/month, for 5GB of space and 100GB of bandwidth it is $19.99/month and for 15GB of space and 500GB of bandwidth it is $39.99/month. Here is the big kicker… for a SUPER SITE of 25GB of space and 500GB of bandwidth it is $59.99/month. Are they insane?! Who would pay $700+/year for a website when they could get much more space/bandwidth at any other company for far less. I wonder if anybody is with them… but still, Im glad I got away from that company when I did!

Speaking of old webhosts that I used, or wanted to use way back in the day, e-starr used to be one of the most popular hosts for personal blogs/websites and I saw that they were celebrating their 11 year anniversary this year. I was like “wow they are still around! Let me check their prices!” and they are just as bad as Axishost! Why would you pay $5.95/year for 1GB of space and 20GB of bandwidth? I dunno. Ugh this is all giving me a headache and maybe I was just spoiled back in the day when I first started the whole personal domain/blog stuff. Surpasshosting has spoiled me, that is my conclusion and I better never leave them/close fyrefly because I am getting it at a fantastic price.

Well, I guess I will keep searching and I will probably end up with bluehost or godaddy because I just can’t think of any others right now that are cheaper. Sigh.

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