Rocking The Pole

I have officially been pole dancing for a month! Today, I was able to hold myself up on the pole for the “climb” and I was able to master two spins right off the bat. I was so proud of myself! I can tell that my arm strength is getting better because I can do a lot more push ups / child like push ups then I could when I first started. Now I just need to get my inner thighs stronger! I’m not sure what moves I can practice without a pole though… it’s not like I am going to go to the park and pole dance around a basketball hoop. I mean, I could but I’m not going to haha! Next class I think my friend is going to take a video of me doing a few spins. I will decide if I am courageous enough to post them online. Chances are, I’m not… not yet anyway!

At this current moment in time, I am debating if I want to go to the hooping class tomorrow. Now, I think I could hoola hoop as a kid… not 100% sure because that was a really long time ago, but.. I think I could heh. I have wanted to take the class for a long time now but never got the guts to. I spoke to the owner of the studio (and my instructor!) ¬†and she encouraged me to give it a try. The class is tomorrow at 5:30pm so I ¬†really have to quickly decide. My friend isn’t going because she works on Wednesdays but you know what… I am a big girl, I can go by myself hehe.

Speaking of being a big girl, I turned 30 on Saturday (June 15th). Oh my goodness, I had such a fun birthday party! So many people showed up and it was the best outing that I have been on in a very long time (at least that I can remember) plus it helps when people are showering you with free drinks and shots. Plus, I had zero hangover on Saturday. That is winning in itself! Anyway, I better head to bed because I will be dead tired at work tomorrow otherwise!


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