Well, Well, Well…

Hello everybody, if anybody is even reading this! I have not posted in a very long time, and I apologize for that. I finally got a theme that I love and thought it was time to put it to use! I was having a huge creative road block and I think it may be starting to crumble.. I’m not 100% sure of that though.

Let me get to the good stuff, since the last time I have posted, I have really started focusing more on my health. I went gluten free, and turned Paleo (80% of the time hah) around the end of January 2013 because I was serious about my New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Dead serious. So serious, in fact, that from January to early March, I lost 25lbs and 28 inches. No joke. I then started getting massive migraines and was trying new meds and ugh, it was not fun. Now, I am back on the bandwagon and I am determined to get down to my goal weight before 2014. I take fitness pole dancing classes on Tuesday nights (may go twice a week soon but depends on how much money I have to toss it at that) and I am very into Kettlebells. I love Kettlebells! They are what made me lose 25lbs. That is right, I have not ran a single dang step during this whole weight loss thing. I am not a runner… I tried the couch to 5k and lasted two weeks. My shins kill me when I run or power walk so I don’t do it.

What else… um… actually not a whole lot though today, I placed a $24 exacta box bet on the Belmont Stakes and won! I won $323.50 back! WOO HOO! That is probably the most exciting thing that happened to me all day. My life is rather boring…

Oh, another thing, I turn 30 next Saturday! I need to find a very cute dress to wear out Friday night because it’s my 30th birthday and I can.


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