Hula Hooping

hulahoop So, yesterday I went hula hooping for the first time since I was a kid and it was so much fun! While I sucked for the first 10 minutes and couldn’t get the hoop to stay up for more than 4 rotations, after a few very nice girls in the class gave me pointers and tips to help, I got it! The hoop was one that my instructor brought with her to show us what a collapsible hoop was, but it was also a 2lb hoop which I guess is easier to hoop with? Apparently “heavy” hoops are slower and that makes it easier. You would think that fast rotating hoops would be easier to keep up, but I would be wrong.

I also find that a few of the “tricks” are a lot easier because I used to be a flag girl/colorguard member. Once you learn how to do these moves with a 6 foot tall steel flagpole, you find that mimicking those same moves that I did for 4 years with a 39″ tall 2lb hula hoop is easy. My arms weren’t thrilled at first because they haven’t done that stuff in many, many years but they still did them. Am I sore today? Yes. Did I sweat my butt off? Yes! I also burned 350 calories, according to my heart rate monitor.That is the best part! It was fun and a good cardio exercise. Plus, I could have easily gone longer than I did because it didn’t seem like a workout.

Do I like it more than pole dancing? The answer will be a yes. Now, don’t get me wrong, pole dancing is very fun and challenging but the fact that I was able to go from not being able to hoop to being able to hoop in an hour, was a lot less frustrating with me still trying to get moves on the pole down. Plus, I can actually practice my hoop at home with my lovely hoop that you see in this post (it’s so sparkly! I love it!) while I can’t quite go buy a pole (well I can, but I won’t). My friend keeps telling me to go to more pole dancing classes but the thing is… it’s expensive! Well, for me it is! I am not quite a fan of paying $75/month for the unlimited classes. It’s $35 for 3 classes and $55 for 5 classes. She wants me to go to 3 classes a week which is $35/week. If I had an extra $75 laying around for nothing, sure, I’d do more.. but I don’t. I think the instructor/owner is a bit annoyed that I only go once a week but, tough cookies. She’s really nice but I feel like I don’t get as many “good job!” as the other girls so it’s a bit less rewarding. I dunno. Whatever. I am loving my hoop 😛 Oh and I also find the girls in the hooping class are far more friendly/talkative than the girls in the pole dancing class. They were all so nice and when I threw my hoop across the studio, they were all like “that is normal, we all do it!” and nobody cared when I dropped my hoop 50 times at first. The girl next to me was pretty good and she was giving me pointers on how to make it easier/learn it faster. They worked 🙂 I need to rearrange my apartment so I can hoop inside.. because I don’t really want to hoop outside where everybody can watch me (though there really aren’t that many people outside).

Fun times!

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Almost as bad as gas prices!

So this is just going to be a special little vent about the cost of web hosting. I do freelance webdesign and honestly, I never really paid attention to the cost of the web hosting/domain because usually my clients buy what they want before they contact me. However, recently somebody asked me for suggestions on who to use for a web host, and I always suggest (who I use) because they have been amazing. I love them to death, I really do! I pay $72/year for 200GB of space and 2TB of bandwidth. Not bad at all! I have 2 domains attached to my hosting package (my portfolio and fyrefly) plus a few friends have subdomains, and I use maybe 12GB. However, if I go to now and get their basic package (100GB space, 1TB bandwidth) its $9/month for a year which is $108.00. Wow!

So, I thought maybe I should suggest somebody else. has a special going on right now for 100GB/Unlimited Bandwidth/1 Domain for $2.99/month and that really isn’t bad but when that special goes away, it is still 71.88 which is what I pay now, I guess. I’ve never used Godaddy, myself, because I tend to avoid the huge popular companies because I feel like they are the ones that have a billion domains on one server and they go down a bit. Maybe that is jaded thinking but I really have checked out quite a few “popular” hosts and none of them are cheap.

What happened to the web hosting companies that was like $40/year?! Why is web hosting so expensive now? Goodness. Is it because everybody and their brother uses websites for their business? I don’t know but my mind is blown. I have had for so long that I can’t imagine not having it but it doesn’t generate any revenue for me and that is fine. I bought it for my hobby and it really sat collecting dust for the longest time. Why? Because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it, to be honest. My old domain was that I had with netrillium but netrillium was bought out by The prices for axishost… oh lord. For 1GB of space and 20GB of bandwidth it is $5.99/month, for 5GB of space and 100GB of bandwidth it is $19.99/month and for 15GB of space and 500GB of bandwidth it is $39.99/month. Here is the big kicker… for a SUPER SITE of 25GB of space and 500GB of bandwidth it is $59.99/month. Are they insane?! Who would pay $700+/year for a website when they could get much more space/bandwidth at any other company for far less. I wonder if anybody is with them… but still, Im glad I got away from that company when I did!

Speaking of old webhosts that I used, or wanted to use way back in the day, e-starr used to be one of the most popular hosts for personal blogs/websites and I saw that they were celebrating their 11 year anniversary this year. I was like “wow they are still around! Let me check their prices!” and they are just as bad as Axishost! Why would you pay $5.95/year for 1GB of space and 20GB of bandwidth? I dunno. Ugh this is all giving me a headache and maybe I was just spoiled back in the day when I first started the whole personal domain/blog stuff. Surpasshosting has spoiled me, that is my conclusion and I better never leave them/close fyrefly because I am getting it at a fantastic price.

Well, I guess I will keep searching and I will probably end up with bluehost or godaddy because I just can’t think of any others right now that are cheaper. Sigh.

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Rocking The Pole

I have officially been pole dancing for a month! Today, I was able to hold myself up on the pole for the “climb” and I was able to master two spins right off the bat. I was so proud of myself! I can tell that my arm strength is getting better because I can do a lot more push ups / child like push ups then I could when I first started. Now I just need to get my inner thighs stronger! I’m not sure what moves I can practice without a pole though… it’s not like I am going to go to the park and pole dance around a basketball hoop. I mean, I could but I’m not going to haha! Next class I think my friend is going to take a video of me doing a few spins. I will decide if I am courageous enough to post them online. Chances are, I’m not… not yet anyway!

At this current moment in time, I am debating if I want to go to the hooping class tomorrow. Now, I think I could hoola hoop as a kid… not 100% sure because that was a really long time ago, but.. I think I could heh. I have wanted to take the class for a long time now but never got the guts to. I spoke to the owner of the studio (and my instructor!)  and she encouraged me to give it a try. The class is tomorrow at 5:30pm so I  really have to quickly decide. My friend isn’t going because she works on Wednesdays but you know what… I am a big girl, I can go by myself hehe.

Speaking of being a big girl, I turned 30 on Saturday (June 15th). Oh my goodness, I had such a fun birthday party! So many people showed up and it was the best outing that I have been on in a very long time (at least that I can remember) plus it helps when people are showering you with free drinks and shots. Plus, I had zero hangover on Saturday. That is winning in itself! Anyway, I better head to bed because I will be dead tired at work tomorrow otherwise!


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New Found Respect

Back towards the end of May, one of my friends approached me with the idea of joining her for workout class. I asked her what the class entitled, since I thought I had made myself familiar with most of the fitness classes out there in my area (I was so wrong!) She told me it was Fitness Pole Dancing. Now, the stigma that is attached to pole dancing is girls dancing around a pole wearing just a tiny little thong getting dollars thrown at them. At least, that is what was in my head when somebody mentioned pole dancing, anyway. Boy, was I ever wrong.

Let me tell you that pole dancing is, by far, the hardest thing I have ever tried to do. Well, it is right up there with the uneven bars in gymnastics, except this pole is vertical instead of horizontal. I’m pretty sure that the vertical part is what makes it so darn hard! So, there is a pole in front of you, and you have to grip the pole with your hands at chest height (one over the other) and then you have to take your feet off of the floor and hold yourself there. Yea… not happening. I just cannot do it! I am starting to get better at my climb (where you wrap your legs around the pole as well, so you can hoist yourself higher) and I am getting much, much better at the swings, but oh my goodness. My triceps hurt SO bad tonight and we won’t even get into how raw my inner thighs are. You use your inner thighs to grip the pole in some positions so they are supporting your whole body weight off of the ground (legs extended, ladies!). If all that doesn’t seem hard enough, there is a 10 to 15 minute warm up before hand that always makes you sweat. I wish I could really put into words what it feels like, but I can’t. No words can describe the pain I feel afterwords.

It’s a fantastic cardio/strength workout though! Plus, the hour flies by so you hardly think of it as a workout. It’s not like sitting there doing Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred and watching the clock countdown while you trying to think of ways to knock yourself unconscious so you don’t continue. There are no clocks, just music, and the instructors are so encouraging. They applaud you when you get a move and it really is rewarding. I hate not getting it, so I get super frustrated if I can’t get a move right away. I’ve been doing push ups every night to get my arm strength up as well! I am so much better than I was. Kettlebells seem to work your biceps, etc. but they don’t really get you used to supporting your body weight (unless I swing a 100lb kettlebell which is not going to happen anytime soon). I would highly recommend trying out a class if you get the opportunity to. I promise that you will sweat!

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Well, Well, Well…

Hello everybody, if anybody is even reading this! I have not posted in a very long time, and I apologize for that. I finally got a theme that I love and thought it was time to put it to use! I was having a huge creative road block and I think it may be starting to crumble.. I’m not 100% sure of that though.

Let me get to the good stuff, since the last time I have posted, I have really started focusing more on my health. I went gluten free, and turned Paleo (80% of the time hah) around the end of January 2013 because I was serious about my New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Dead serious. So serious, in fact, that from January to early March, I lost 25lbs and 28 inches. No joke. I then started getting massive migraines and was trying new meds and ugh, it was not fun. Now, I am back on the bandwagon and I am determined to get down to my goal weight before 2014. I take fitness pole dancing classes on Tuesday nights (may go twice a week soon but depends on how much money I have to toss it at that) and I am very into Kettlebells. I love Kettlebells! They are what made me lose 25lbs. That is right, I have not ran a single dang step during this whole weight loss thing. I am not a runner… I tried the couch to 5k and lasted two weeks. My shins kill me when I run or power walk so I don’t do it.

What else… um… actually not a whole lot though today, I placed a $24 exacta box bet on the Belmont Stakes and won! I won $323.50 back! WOO HOO! That is probably the most exciting thing that happened to me all day. My life is rather boring…

Oh, another thing, I turn 30 next Saturday! I need to find a very cute dress to wear out Friday night because it’s my 30th birthday and I can.


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