Car Repair = Ripoff!

Hello Dear Blogger Friends Who Are Probably Non-Existent At This Point! Long time no see. I apologize for that. I suck at blogging apparently, and really want to turn that around. Do you forgive me? 🙁 I hope so! Well, anyway, I wanted to discuss the lovely day that is Friday the 13th (which is today). It seems that today is a day that I should curl up in bed all day and sleep because trying to do anything is just, not a good idea. Why? Glad you asked!

My car decided it wanted new brakes. That is fine. I understand that cars need their brake pads replaced every now and again so that I can still stop at stop signs or for cute bunny rabbits. Well, I decided to take my car to a repair shop that my local radio always runs ads for. They sounded nice and caring, and said they’d take care of everybody like they were family. Took it in, they seemed really nice. I signed a thing that said that I was aware that brake pads can cost between $25.00 to $75.00, $75 if they were ABS breaks. They aren’t. I told them, no my car does not have anti-lock brakes. They didn’t believe me, but I was right. It doesn’t. Sooo, I go home while they do their estimate. They call me and I swear to everything holy that they said $30 to $40. But what I guess they REALLY said was $340.00 because they called me about 1.5 hrs LATER and stated “the back brakes are also going to need to be repaired.” I asked them how much they would cost, and they said “600”. This is how the conversation went…

Them: We did a full brake inspection and it looks as though the back brakes are going to need to be repaired as well. Do you want to have us do them? We do accept 6 months of payments interest free.

Me: How much would that cost?

Them: Let me check… (minute pause) $600.00

Me: *cough* $600?!!! Like… six hundred dollars?! How much is it with just the front again?!!

Them: $340.00

Me: Oh…… no, do not do the back!

Them: Are you sure?

Me: YES. I have bills I need to pay!! $600 is a lot of money!

Them: Okay, we will just do the front

*hang up*

That is when I start to cry. I cried quite a bit at that point. I was all happy it was going to be cheap but that sort of broke my happy and put it in a dark and unhappy place! I will never, ever go to that place again.

Of course, I did buy two new bras at Victoria’s Secret… but I really needed them so it wasn’t like I did it to make myself feel better.

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