This just happened…

I was sitting in my room when I hear sirens. I’m like “no way” because I am terrified of tornadoes… well, my roommate then goes “omg, we have a tornado warning! Only in Wisconsin do people walk outside when there is a Tornado Warning to take a look”. My heart races, and Im like “not this chick!” and I grab my purse, stuff a bag with some extra clothes, grab my Macbook (yea $1400 computer is not dying in a Tornado!) and head to the basement with my cat. Sat there for 15 minutes, listened to some whistling winds, prayed my car was okay, and waited. My roommates dumb cat refused to come to the basement, so I had Adobe (my cat) in his carrier so he couldn’t run back upstairs. I heard some crashing, so I looked into the basement window (its one of those gutter windows) and saw huge ass hail smashing into the ground… and then 15 minutes later it all stops. My friend Brandon, who lives in Oklahoma, was keeping tabs of the storm for me via text message and told me that the storms had passed so I went back upstairs. Everything looks okay!

Except… my old apartment, where I lived 3 weeks ago, is not in such good shape.

So Glad I MOVED!!!

My area is fine though! No damage around here, thank God!

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