Boring Sunday


I had to go to my parent’s house this weekend, this is what I see on my drive to and from there. What a fun filled Halloween eh?

I suppose I never told you the latest car drama, which lead up to why I had to go home this weekend. Two weeks after my exhaust system went out, I was on my way home from work and I was in the middle of rush hour traffic (bumper to bumper) when the stop lights in front of me turned red. I put on my brakes (not slammed them, just tried to stop) when the floor pedal went all the way to the ground and my car did -not- stop. I panicked but somehow, I remained calm enough to not freak out and die in a car accident. I finally got through the rush hour traffic and onto a quiet side street, parked the car and called a tow truck. I was then told the next day that my fuel pump also went out and the bill was $1130.00.

$1130.13 to be precise.

WHAT?! I just put $1000 into the piece of garbage. I wasn’t about to shell out another $1000. So my dad called me and told me he found me a new car. I had to decide on the spot. Literally, on the spot. It was 4:25pm, I was at work, and I know absolutely nothing about cars. This was a really hard decision. It was a gold colored 2006 Pontiac G6. It’s pretty.


I went home to sign the title and get insurance today. Next weekend I go home and sign the loan. That is not what I am looking forward to.

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