Nine Days To Go

I haven’t blogged in quite sometime but I figured it was time for me to share my exciting news.. I finally have a new job! I haven’t started it yet but the fact that I only have nine days (work days) left at my current job makes me quite happy. Though I will miss the people I work with a great deal. I have lived in this town for four and a half years, and I have met some great people where I work. The sad part is that I will probably never seen some of my closest coworkers ever again due to the fact that they don’t have a Facebook account or what not. I shared this fact with my favorite person at work and low and behold, his BROTHER works at my new job so I told him to call me at work haha. But he just told me that “you know where I work, come visit me” psh. Geez.

— edited out —

I just know that I need to start saving my money so I can do two things: 1) buy a new car and 2) go on vacation. I’m sure moving to a better apartment and buying a TV are also on my to do list somewhere but meh, I need a new car. My current one…well… I need to move on. Besides, I really want a Pontiac Vibe. They stopped making them so I can’t wait to long or it will be super old and yuck. Or maybe I want a Jetta.. either way, I want a new car.

Okay, that is all that I have to say for now.

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