What The Hey

Last week Tuesday, I was talking to my boss and he said how how he should train me to be a manager, etc. and I told him I wanted to be a manager. Well, he went and talked to his first assistant and they both agreed that I should be a manager and all they had to do was talk to the owner about it. I was 99.9% sure that I was going to be the next person promoted because it just made sense. I am out of school, I can work anytime they need me, I have been there for three and a half years and I work my ass off for them. At the review last week, I had the best marks out of all the employees.

All I needed was for them to tell me “you are promoted, congratulations!”.

I log into Facebook today and saw one of my coworkers, who is way younger then me and still in High School actually, change their facebook status to “How does Manager _____ sound?” Guess they decided to promote him instead of me.

I am so hurt and pissed off. I dont even want to go to work tomorrow. I feel like I work my ass off for nothing and get no appreciation. I even had to run the store during summer on Friday. Its like Im a manager without the freaking benefits/pay. Maybe its because I’m a girl. Seriously, 90% of the management team is male.


I need a new job.

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