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This morning I woke up with this weird feeling in my abdomen, it sort of felt like cramps but I know that couldn’t be it because I had those a week ago. Well, the cramping kept getting worse and worse, so I decided I better stay home because I wasn’t sure the cause of it or how bad these pains were going to get. And then it hit me, the pain was exactly what I experienced when I had kidney stones in November through March.

So, I trucked myself to Wally World, bought 200 capsules of Ibuprofen and came home, popped four of them, grabbed my heating pad and then I googled “home remedies for kidney stones” while I drank my water.

That is what they suggested. Mix 2oz of Lemon Juice + 2oz of Olive Oil into a cup, chug it and then drink 40oz of water. This is what I have noticed… it has been about an hour and the pain has subsided. A+! The taste… F-.

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