Hello Real World

On May 14th, I became a college (tech) graduate and now I am in the real world, looking for a real job so that I can move into a real apartment and pay my really big bills. So far, I have heard nothing. I can feel the stress starting to creep up on me as my checks from my crap job (McDonalds) continue to stay itty bitty. Like seriously, how do people who are not college students, live off of these paychecks. I know that there are people who do because I work with them! They must never have went to school so they don’t have huge loans to pay off. Lucky them.

Plan B is to look for a second part time job. I do not like Plan B. Plan B sucks and I am going to cross my fingers and toes, plus pray every night that I get a real job! I have applications out, it is just now the question if anybody is even looking at them. With my luck, nobody is.

Okay so, on another note that is completely unrelated.. sorta.. I am now trying to do the Slim in 6 work out. I feel that 6 weeks is a nice frame to get good and fit. I am on week 2. Yea, week 2. No weight was lost in the first week, gained a pound actually, but I lost a few inches. Yay me! But I think I gained them back because I just feel all gross and blegh. The more I work out, the hungrier I am! My next goal, now that I work out daily (yea, daily) is to start eating healthier. Hard to do when you are living off of measily paychecks and work at a cheap fast food restaurant. Though by the amount that I sweat in my apartment (sauna!) I am probably shedding weight just sitting here alone.

On the relationship front. Wait, there is no relationship front. Very sad 🙁 The reason I am working out, though, is because I got the tiny spark of hope started that a guy from six years ago (who is perfect) may be visiting this summer. I am like 40lbs heavier then I was in 2004 when I last saw him. He looks amazing still. See my motivation?

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