So Close!

I graduate in 19 days!

I am very excited to finally graduate, but still a bit sad that all my friends are all of a sudden going to be scattered around the midwest. I haven’t even started thinking about where I am going to apply for a job at. Its a bit daunting! I mean.. picking up and moving to who knows where, unless I find a job thats in this area. That is a wee bit scary! I don’t even know how confident I feel in my graphic design abilities so that doesn’t help much either. I always wanted to go into advertising but ya know, I just.. I don’t know. Advertising class, itself, is by far not my favorite class. It sucks so, it  has put a slight damper on what I want to do when I graduate!

Hmm, lets see.. what else. I guess there really isn’t much going on with me. Nothing on the relationship end, nothing exciting on my current job end. Just sort of floating along waiting for something to catch my eye I guess. My issue with the relationship front is that I like to be friends with people before I date them, and for good reason! I tried dating somebody who wasn’t my friend first, before, and ugh what a disaster. Refuse to do THAT again haha. I guess I will just wait until Mr Right comes along and sweeps me off my feet. I hope he hurries up because this girly is rather impatient.

But yea, thats just a quick update of my life right now. Fun stuff.

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