Right Person, Wrong Time

I don’t know why this happens or what-not, but I always meet these really nice guys at the wrong time. Lemme tell you about my latest “Right Person, Wrong Time”. Had this been a normal situation, where I had just run into this guy at the bar, etc. I would not have given him a second glance. By first impression, he is not my type. However, in January, one of my friends who is also mutual friends with him, decided to tell me that this guy and I would make a great couple. I didn’t believe her. But this guy was in one of my classes and I decided that it was worth at least talking to him and thats what I did.

I have never fallen for somebody so fast before in my entire life. Even my ex, when we first started talking it took me 5 months to even give him a chance. However, this guy, he would send me an IM or whatever, and I’d be glowing. Just talking to him put a huge smile on my face. He was super sweet, funny and so easy to talk to. Basically, he made me very happy.

However, both of us are graduating in May and he plans on jetting off across the world. It sucks how much I like this guy and I dont even get a chance with him. It doesnt help that he still wants his ex and doesn’t seem to keen on giving up on her anytime soon. So, here I lay I guess. I am very upset, like I am trying to just like him on a friend level and it hurts. Its so not fair that I meet a guy like this who I know would make me so freaking happy, yet nothing is going to happen between us because he doesnt even want to give me a chance.

Nice girls always finish last, I guess and in this case.. its true.

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