Final Semester!

Tomorrow is the first day of my last semester in school. I can start getting teary eyed now right? Actually, I am not sad at all. I feel like I have been in school forever, and I have. If only I had stayed in graphic design in the first place, I would have been done already and maybe would not be living in a 300sq foot studio apartment? Maybe.

I need to make myself a big noticeable sign above my computer monitor that says, “NENA, DO YOUR SOCIOLOGY!” because I know I am going to forget and that will not be good. I am taking it online and I already have the syllibus, so all I have to do really is make a chart that says when the quizzes are and the papers are due, and post them where I can see them. This is the only class I am nervous about. I do not do well in classes that require textbook reading, which is really funny considering that a long time ago I wanted to be a doctor, vet, psychologist and go into business marketing.

Do I ever regret not going in any of those fields? Sometimes. I wanted to be in a career where I could help people, but I get easily distracted and it was really hard for me to focus in class. I don’t know why but I really can’t concentrate very well, and then I just zone out and get annoyed when I have to sit in a classroom listening to people drone on and one for more then a few minutes. This is also why I took Sociology online, I don’t have to sit in a lecture! My brain is weird, I admit it. Oh well…

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