Happy Halloween

The one thing I like about Halloween is that you can dress up however you want and everything is still okay. I dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and apparently my outfit was rather cute because I had a lot of compliments. However, the shoe choice was such a bad idea. I had a pair of black stilettos on that had a 4 1/2″ heel. It was fine until around 11pm, when the shoes decided that they were no longer meant for walking. I could stand just fine but the moving part was not going well. I don’t know how I didn’t break my ankle (though I did twist it pretty good before I was drunk). Maybe thats why it feels like I pulled a muscle in my calf on that leg this morning? Right now, my toes are all tingly and feel weird. Oh man, I will never wear sexy heels downtown again unless a chair is involved haha.

Anyway, back to my story. We got to Brothers around 9pm and it was so dead in there! I thought this was a good thing because that meant it wouldn’t be very busy later. Wow, I was wrong! Of course, at the end of the night we had to venture to the most popular bars and become sardines. Again, I do not know how I do not have a broken ankle. At one point I had to use the bathroom and there was a wall of people like 5 deep in front of the hallway that lead to the bathroom, and they were not in line. So I was like “are you serious, I just want to go to the damn bathroom!” so this one girl grabs my arm and SHOVES ME through the wall of people. Like I said, I should have more battle wounds then I do. Getting out was no fun either.

There was a huge group of army guys visiting the bars and of course the girl that I came with beelined to them. The ones that seemed normal stayed at Brothers, the others decided to come with us. I wish the group would have been reversed with the normal ones coming with us and the manwhores staying behind. I am obviously not ready for a new boyfriend or even dating because a few tried dancing with me and I was so repulsed. So, I stayed pretty much glued to another one of the girl’s that came with us’s husband the whole time so that nobody would grab me and pull me back onto the dance floor.

Of course, the end of the night was pretty much the crappiest part of the night. I didn’t even know it was possible for shoes to cause that much pain by that time and I just wanted to sit down. So.. where do we go? A dance club type bar. Really? Oh and to make it even better, my ex of one month, texts me with “you should see my gf”. I just stood there looking at the phone, and like all sound sort of muted and I walked up to the girl I was out with with my phone outstretched and was like “fucking read this!” and she did, and yea. Night was completely ruined from there on out. Of course he texts me this morning asking if I got laid and pretty much telling me how awesome his night was, to put it mildly.

*sigh* What happened to the guy that was my best friend for 6 years? Where did he go? Ya know, the one who promised to never hurt me again and the one who made me promise, a week before he dumped me, that I would marry him someday while confessing how much he loved me. Where is THAT guy?!

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