World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

I must be pretty bored if I am spending time posting about the BlizzCon 2009 conference. I am a casual World of Warcraft player, and by casual, I mean… I play maybe an hour every other day and not on the weekends haha. My laptop sucks major butt and can’t play WoW to save its life. Its very choppy.. anyway, I have a lvl 60 Human Warlock named Lyriic.

Being that my character is a Warlock, I was pretty interested to find out what the new changes to the SoulShard system were and I must say… I am super excited! I hate farming SoulShards because they take up to much space in my inventory, and I just found that with the new expansion pack (which won’t be out until late 2010, boo!) SoulShards will no longer be in the inventory!! YES!! They will be like the Death Knight runes which are kept up under the mana bar. Sweetness.

The part that sorta sucks is that while I am still getting familiar with the WoW world and the lands, its all going to change. UGH! They are ripping everything apart thanks to some lovely dragon who causes a catastrophic event to the world of Azeroth, etc. Gay.

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