Sometimes I Wonder…

So today was the first day of my senior year of college (whoo!) and it lasted for a grand total of one hour and five minutes. During that time, it was basically us listening to the professor tell us about himself. Unfortunately, I had him before so I knew all of it already. Therefore, I spaced out and tried to look like I was paying attention while debating in my head if I wanted to get a haircut or not (I decided to go Friday instead).

After class however I did go to the grocery store and I forgot how many elderly people go to at 9:35am. I was thinking I’d have the store basically to myself with the best produce to choose from. Wrong! Oh my goodness! I’m pretty sure 30% of the people there were just there to wander and had no intentions to buy anything and the other 70% were making sure to take as much aisle space as possible so that I would have to do some fancy maneuvers with my cart in order to get through. I didn’t even need that much stuff. All I bought was frozen pancakes, ravioli, green tea (I love that Lipton’s Diet Green Tea with Citrus.. it is amazing and has killed my want for soda.) and bread. Oh and some chocolate chip cookies for when my sweet tooth monster starts rumbling, I can shut her up. Yes, my sweet tooth monster is a girl. Anyway, it took me 40 minutes to get that stuff and get checked out. I think 10 minutes were spent at the check out because some sweet old lady was cussing out the cashier because the one product (ONE!) she was going to buy cost more then 20 cents. You heard me right. She had a generic brand of whipped cream in a tub (think Cool Whip) and she said that there was a peg on the door that said it was 20 cents. So apparently she came to the store to wander, saw this thing for 20 cents and decided she needed it. Anyway, she was lying and it wasn’t 20 cents, it was a dollar and she was pissed off. Needless to say, she didn’t buy it and there is a peeved old lady somewhere. Grocery store drama.

I’m obviously back now and its 10:30am… I work at 5pm. Oh how glorious to have this time to either nap or do nothing or clean… those are my options and if you know me, you know what I am going to choose and it isn’t option C. haha.

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