Brand New Start

Creative title, I know but I am saying Hi to everybody, and “world” is the best way to address you, isn’t it? Anyway, my name is Janena (you may call me Nena) and I am a 26 year old female living in the wonderful world of the Midwest.

As previous visitors may realize, I have issues with blogging daily but this is my attempt to change that. If my life is dull, I am going to review something or comment on the news or maybe find a new recipe. But by gosh darn it, I am going to blog! So, in my first attempt to blog, here is my blog: about me.

I am a pretty average person, in my opinion. I work at a fast food restaurant, and I am not loving it. If that wasn’t the biggest hint to where I work, I don’t really know what is! I struggle through the days trying to make sure that I don’t up and quit because, while the money sucks, it is money and I will be pointing out the reason I need money in a paragraph or two. I started working at this place two and a half years ago, and I am still in the same position I was two years ago! Its not an easy job and I don’t care how “low” it is on the totem pole, its hard and its not fun!

My car is a 96 Cavalier that I like to call a piece of junk. It breaks every six months it seems and when it breaks, it never takes a cheap part with it. It only breaks the expensive things. I’m pretty sure I’ve spent close to $3,000 on this car and it isn’t even worth that much. However, because I work at a shitty job with shitty pay, I cannot afford a new car. I can’t really afford these expensive payments on fixes either but its one or the other. I’m pretty sure when I take it in tomorrow, the bill will be well over $300. I can feel it! If its like the last bill, $1030, I will probably dig a hole and bury myself because I will be that upset.

I am in school for graphic design and am currently set to graduate in May! (listen to the hallelujah’s). I have been in school forever! The reason: I am indecisive. Its true. I could not for the life of me decide what I wanted to do with my life. But the funny part, is that I made a complete 360 because I started off as a Graphic Design major, went to English, to Psychology, to Business and now here I am back in graphic design. I don’t even want to start guessing at how much my loans are when I am all said and done (okay I am pretty aware of what they will be thanks to my loan providers) but I am going to be paying them back for quite a while.

Thankfully, keeping me sane, is my boyfriend. We have been together, on and off, for seven years! Why I do not have a shiny diamond on my finger, I am not sure. However, I would rather see him get a shiny new car for himself first. Yes, he needs a car. But that is okay because I love him and he makes 10 x the amount that I do and he can afford to get a new car. I cannot. Hopefully, since he lives an hour away, in a year time that distance will be gone and the stress of having a working vehicle will be less (and my paychecks will be more).

Hmm, another thing that keeps me sane is my cat. I adopted Adobe last October (2008) and am so thankful because he really is the sweetest cat ever. He never misbehaves (okay, rarely) and is very cuddly. I just wish he didn’t shed so much! I need a brand new pet vacuum for the pet hair he sheds because its disgusting and my current vacuum doesn’t do jack squat on it. I’m pretty sure he sheds a cat a day and he isn’t even a longhair! Its a good thing he is cute, eh?

Well, thats about all I can currently say about myself. Hopefully, it wasn’t to much and hopefully it didn’t scare you away! Come back soon because you never know what I will be rambling on about next.

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