Yea… I’m still alive

moisturerenew_2  I don’t know why I have issues writing blogs, but I do. I try to be so good at it and then I forget. Maybe it’s because my life isn’t all that exciting or maybe it’s because I was frozen due to our wickedly cold winter. Whatever the case was, here I am to write about a fantastic product that I got to try! Thanks to Influenster and Rimmel London. Please note that I was sent this product for free as part of the Influenster team and I did not purchase this with my own money. If you want to become part of the Influenster team, send me a message and I will send you an invite! This review is for Rimmel London’s Moisture Renew Lipstick.

I won’t lie. When I opened the box and saw what color my lipstick was, I was a bit sad. I wanted a lipstick I could wear everyday but ya know what, I have had a lot of fun wearing this bright colored lipstick. I especially loved wearing it during the Wisconsin Badgers playoff games especially during the Final Four game. I wish we would have won, but that is another story for another day. Right?

This lipstick is fantastic! It leaves my lips soft and “kissable”, you could say. The one tiny downfall of this lipstick, is that it rubs off easily. When I say rubs off easily, I mean, even after you blot away the lipstick.. you still can get it on everything and anything that you touch your lips to. I don’t know if its more noticeable due to the bright color or what, but yea. That is the one slight downfall of it.

Everything else about this lipstick is great though! It is NOT sticky, which is a plus, and it looks fantastic. It also does what it is supposed to do. If it can moisturize my always chapped lips, then it can do wonders for you too! I give it an A overall!

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Shiny Lights

My sister got me a DSLR for Christmas, and being that it’s really cold outside and I hate being outside in the cold… I have very few things I can photograph. However, I can photograph my led poi balls as well as my led hoop! That is all that this post is really about, because I really don’t have much else to say!




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OKC Thunder = Love

So, I was looking through my saved drafts and stumbled upon this blog post title with nothing else written and I realized that I never even told you guys about one of my favorite moments of 2013! On November 16th, I got to see my favorite NBA team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, play against the Milwaukee Bucks! Now, I live in Wisconsin, so the opportunity to see the OKC Thunder play in person is slim because as much as I love the Thunder, I cannot afford to fly down to OKC to see them play on a random whim. Right? Right. Now, I would have been happy with any seat in the stadium because the Bradley Center isn’t all that big but we had AMAZING seats! AMAZING seats. We were Row C in section 211 which doesn’t mean much to people but here is a diagram of the Bradley Center.


We were right behind the monitors that showed the Fox Sports broadcast. It was cool to see how that compared to watching it live. The one thing I never realized is how many timeouts they take and how fast time flies during a basketball game when you are watching it live. Also, at the start of the game when the Milwaukee Bucks were warming up in front of us, I was pretty surprised at how non-huge they were. They were tall, but they didn’t look any different to me than normal people… and then I saw the Thunder. Kevin Durant is one ginormous person. He is by far my favorite basketball player (sorry Westbrook!) and I was pretty excited to see him so close! I was going to be really sad if the Bucks won (I always feel weird rooting against them) but the Thunder did not fail me and won 92-79 🙂 And now for some photos!



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All the pretty colors

moodhoopblaze  I have an addiction to buying hula hoops.

I have wanted a LED hoop for a very long time but just couldn’t justify spending that much money on something that I may never get good at. Well, in October, I decided that I wanted one and I was going to get one! So once that decision was made, the next hard decision was which hoop was I going to buy?!

My hooping instructor (who is no longer teaching lessons, sob) has the Future Hoop, which is absolutely AMAZING. It’s a wee bit pricy though at $299.00. I decided that I could definitely not justify spending THAT much right now. So, I narrowed it down to and some of their more affordable hoops. After a long and steady debate with myself, I decided to go with the Blaze LED hoop.

It came in the mail and I was super excited, except it went to my landlord’s office so I had to explain to him what a “moodhoop” was since the box says it on it. I told him that I hula hoop and he was really confused. I had to wait six hours before I could see it in it’s full glory! It was maddening waiting that long. Let me tell you! But finally I got to see it and it is beautiful! I have tried recording videos but as soon as the camera turns on, my clutziness goes into full effect. Trust me. It’s not pretty. I guess that just means I need to practice more.


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Review: Rimmel London’s Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara

review_scandaleyes  That was a really long title, so I apologize if it stretches anything out! I haven’t wrote here in a really long time, and I do have lots to say but this post is dedicated to my brand new favorite mascara.

This product was sent to me complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Sorry, I had to throw that out there! Don’t need any legal issues. Anyhow, I was lucky enough to receive the Rose Vox Box from Influenster and inside it’s lovely pinkness, was this product. This wonderful, amazing, fantastic product!

I hate buying brand new mascara that I have not tried before. I have had really bad luck with picking out these “fancy” new mascaras that are supposed to wow you, and they don’t. They make my eyelashes look like ugly spider legs. If you aren’t sure what I am referring to than you are lucky. Very, very lucky.

Anyway, as I was saying, I received this in my voxbox and was very hesitant to try it. I love my old mascara and I’m a creature of habit, so I was iffy on using this. As you can see from this ginormous photo of my eye, non spidery lashes! Seriously, this mascara doesn’t even need two coats to look awesome. I don’t wear false lashes very often (aka once or twice a year) and now I don’t even think I’ll need them that much! Look at my lashes, aren’t they lovely? I’m in love.

Buy it guys. Give it a try! You will LOVE it if you need voluminous mascara. Seriously.

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